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keyword is the key to raising the quality of the website ranking, after which the external links are not the most popular word can provide the most traffic to your site, but the competition is not but the flow of quite a few words to be able to provide more traffic to your site, so webmaster do when certain external links we should pay attention to quality, will help to improve the flow optimization, keywords multi point, the long tail keywords reasonable direction, so as to ensure the key words to bring traffic to your site. Here you can use Adsense tools to query and index included the resolution of love Shanghai. We can see what is Shanghai, Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon dragon tutorial tool, the three word keyword webmaster how to choose? In fact, for general webmaster, Shanghai dragon tutorial is the best choice for you, the 1. competition is relatively small, 2. is more likely to cause the user search keywords can bring 3. Shanghai Dragon tutorial how much more.




optimization has always been a topic of concern to the webmaster, keywords optimization basically ahead of the same industry a step, so many webmaster moment think about is how to do keywords to optimize the site today, the author from the two aspects of external links and link anchor text keywords to analyze the webmaster how to do keywords optimization, the hope can help to some webmaster, let their own hands for the keyword of the website to create a beautiful.

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requires external links have diversity, diversity, multi point to point the external keyword optimization approach can help webmasters will establish the core keywords in a short period of time, through a number of links will accumulate the weight of words, this can improve the click rate of keywords which can cause more traffic to your site. Keywords anchor text links to more love search engine and users than pure text links, anchor text more reasonable explanation with the industry more recognition of your site, so the anchor text keywords links can attract more users than pure text links, if you are a user you want enter the URL in the browser or want to click directly into the site? The external links and the anchor text optimization must be done so webmaster site keywords.

has been an advocate in the webmaster words, the link of diversity, the diversity and so on, and keywords should also have diversity, so that different keywords words refer to the same link, in order to help improve their website ranking in a short period of time, the rate of increase site traffic through high click. At a reasonable point to do keyword diversification when we must consider the key words, the same page site outside the chain is best not more than three, stable benefits should not say is the truth, if the web page is all your website keyword links, this website is not convicted of cheating sites is difficult. The author suggests that the key link to "better or different.

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