Jiang Pingzhong how to build a website for Shanghai Dragon

How to promote the

I personally "what kind of form to do this problem is understood from Shanghai Longfeng solution to analyze. What kind of form is conducive to Shanghai dragon "form? Shanghai dragon is nothing more than a content + chain, the two is to win the Shanghai dragon book. So, we have to do is to reduce the amount of FLASH, increased use of text and text links."

for this problem, Jiang Pingzhong found that too many enterprise site in Shanghai Longfeng this suck. Because too many enterprise websites use too much FLASH, and the FLASH in key areas, some enterprises even total station is all FLASH, now when this site has been gradually eliminated, excessive concern interface effect of the site as early as three years ago has been eliminated, and it is not friendly to search engine. The home page, the search engine does not know what kind of content, FLASH in the second, it is difficult for us to use FLASH to do for the Shanghai dragon key layout.

1, we should do what

as a personal webmaster will know, the Shanghai dragon can bring huge traffic to your site. Today, Jiang Ping and you together "Shanghai Longfeng analysis of basic skills, I will know my own skills together, about how to build a website for Shanghai dragon. Before doing a website, we all know the first thing to make clear the theme of the website, the website should do what content, what kind of form to do construction, website promotion and so on how to end late. Here, welcome to discuss together with Jiang Pingzhong:

3, the construction site after


should do what kind of form

here to talk about is the construction of formal website content, rather than waste station construction, otherwise I will talk to you here today without any meaning. In many cases, we are not certain why do is a highly hot words to make a website, do not necessarily follow others, because as long as their website features, website will be back.


often have a personal webmaster asked Jiang Pingzhong this question: what’s the website can attract more traffic? In fact, for this problem, we can see a lot of popular keywords through love Shanghai Search Ranking, which is the most popular keywords to site value flow channel. Of course, this kind of topic keywords competition is motivation, not only individual owners will do, many large enterprises are also scrambling to do. So, it is very difficult to promote the flow of content through the reprint, unless the site has weight and theme originality. Therefore, when do site planning, we should get to know some of the smaller competition, and traffic has been able to maintain long term.

website promotion in various ways and methods to promote the myriads of changes, commonly used is the webmaster >