Love Shanghai open system will end user experience

love Shanghai in recent year once a year before love Shanghai meeting launched an open V program, and in the love of Shanghai conference officially launched V plan. Look at the Shanghai conference yesterday love video, summing up the essence of the plan is to release the user experience in the end.

love Shanghai launched the reason this plan is certainly the user experience greatly increased, the more fundamental reason or increase views of love Shanghai, love Shanghai development to a certain size, will all >

can see love Shanghai out of the system, the first navigation station offended a lot, if the user will own the navigation station, then the other navigation station would not go, is expected to set up their own convenience, why not find convenient. A website hurt a part, some rely on the query to exchange traffic, only through the APPS plug-in, but this plug-in can be implanted in advertising……



in the views on the open platform, can attract more users, because the search engine is very convenient to use, can attract a lot of visitors.

almost has so many features, of course, also did not add meager binding. Look, this function from the user experience point of view, the function of either function from the user experience will be greatly increased, users can fall in love with the sea to find more functions, more convenient to use.

allows you to easily know the recent hot news, hot news search.

– someone said to me, baby, why will launch China aristocracy, the main reason is that in user experience. Chinese has a habit, as long as it is on the top of the website function is complete, he will not go to other website click. This means that the functionality of your site with more comprehensive, more convenient, the user will use you. Who is the world’s baby type search engine, he scruples other sites of interests, if let you integrated, so other sites also eat not? But Chinese the lazy, led to the launch China noble baby.



here is to love Shanghai Shanghai landing users through search into web site recorded, or is manually enter their frequently used web site entry to the database, but also through the bottom of the "add" your love website manually added to the navigation. So the user can according to the need to set up their own navigation, do not like the navigation station as cumbersome to find their own love website.

there are some APPS plug-ins, users can apply on a daily basis.

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