Web site chain optimization these details have you noticed

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(three) to optimize the website content within the page chain.

3, to ensure that our site each page should have a navigation bar, it can be very effective to let the spider in our site and crawling, included, on our site that weight is a very good help.

The last time the help!

1 and navigation as far as possible not to use flash and pictures, because we all know that the spider can’t grab flash, if it is a picture of words, we need to add a keyword in the picture alt attribute, which makes the identification of spiders.

(two) optimize the site list page chain.

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site navigation URL method we also need to pay attention, do not use xxx/index.php, in general the best written in the form XXX贵族宝贝 can be, if you still do not understand the words can refer to similar excellent site style.

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(a) site navigation optimization considerations.

for the site list page and the content page, optimization is very important. Generally speaking the words list page is mainly a general classification of the site we talk about products, can help users quickly find the content. But from our perspective to the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng analysis, our site is actually every page in our title to the server, without exception page. So when we do list page optimization, preferably some links can add some relevant content, this can be more conducive to the user experience, also can make the site within the chain is relatively abundant, convenient spider crawling. For example my site navigation and the classification of writing: the names of the boys, girls name, name etc.. Then the classification list on our website, and the side of the best recommendation list are related with the name, this effect is the best. We also need to pay attention to is, must give a list of pages and page breaks, the first page, page second, do not accumulate, this effect is relatively poor.

before writing, the author has mentioned the influence of some factors in our website weight, the chain is undoubtedly in which occupy an irreplaceable importance, so today I mainly for some matters needing attention when we summarize the optimization site within the chain, we can hope for some

has talked about website navigation links for everyone to use has two main purposes, the first is to our site has a good user experience, allowing users to quickly view that you want to understand the content, so as to improve the effect of a site conversion rate. The second point is to attract search engine index to crawl, so as to better grasp the content of the page we included. So from the above two points and the author do these station summarizes some matters needing attention to optimize the navigation bar, here to share with you: