Website optimization optimization + shop + Mobile optimized guest Shanghai dragon course three sword


shop optimization is mainly aimed at the internal Taobao search engine optimization baby ranking, let all the baby can show more of the search engine in front of Taobao, with the optimization of love Shanghai Google are essentially the same, but the specific approach is completely.

teacher Wu Wenyuan: mobile website optimization is mainly to the enterprise information in the mobile terminal (such as mobile phone, tablet Internet equipment) show up in search engine, through the mobile learning website optimization, can be the first step to lay a good foundation, in the tide of mobile Internet development, bring brand promotion and effective customer and to profit enterprise.


website optimization optimization + shop + Mobile optimized guest Shanghai dragon course three swords combination — Wu Wenyuan teacher "Shanghai dragon" course website optimization upgrade

for the individual, understand the mobile internet marketing, can develop their own core competitiveness for the occupation increase other people missing.

is now more and more enterprises begin to pay close attention to this aspect, in considering how to make the mobile Internet marketing. Mobile Internet can realize enterprise brand publicity, adding a new way to profit to the enterprise, but also to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises for future network chips.

mobile website optimization trend in the development of mobile Internet can bring what benefits to enterprises or individuals

: the guest joined the mobile website in the optimization of curriculum system upgrade, how mobile website optimization specifically refers to what

teacher Wu Wenyuan: thirty-first times China Internet survey data given in the report, the number of Internet users China reached 564 million, of which mobile phone users has reached 420 million, the number of mobile phone users growth rate is very fast, this is a very huge user group.

in March 2013, and guest network marketing course in the new upgrade, the new curriculum system, into the shop operators, e-commerce and mobile marketing etc., more professional system. The following is a guest teacher Wu Wenyuan on the < website optimization; > > (guest network marketing course module second) course interview records:

asked: this curriculum upgrade joined Taobao shop optimization course, optimization and optimization of Shanghai Google shop love what is the difference?

Miss Wu Wenyuan: Taobao ? Q: ?

for mobile web site optimization will involve some website content of the source code, no contact with the site for the students, learning difficulties?

teacher Wu Wenyuan: mobile website optimization and no website content of the source code, is relatively simple, mobile website in our courses is the use of software to achieve, do not need to write their own code. Through the optimization of the foundation, Shanghai dragon website in the study can draw well optimized mobile Internet website.