Webmaster practice how to design to meet the requirements of optimization

website, navigation is one of the design must be given priority. For navigation, as simple as possible, users can easily access any link, as part of this website structure. For javascrip enthusiasts, the search engine can handle JavaScript, but if it is too cumbersome, the search crawler is very limited, so it may give a complex language compiler.

what is the Shanghai dragon?

as a web designer, web page design is one of the most intuitive identification. Our life now is dependent on the network, let us quickly depend on the mutual knowledge and communication tools. It has been not only a static page, but a thought culture without borders, a covering another world rich. For example, cave murals, such as ancient Egypt pictograph, but modern people have web design, it is very important.

Shanghai dragon represents the search engine optimization. It can help and improve your website ranking. We know that the search for 75% of the people will only look at the first page of the noble baby, this means that we have to make the site appear on the home page, but also to the high rank in the ranks, so that we can have more opportunities to keep visitors.

when it comes to Shanghai dragon, the structure of the site is one of the most important factors. It is related to your web page is how to associate together. The search engine crawlers will judge you to set it to evaluate the value of your site. The website structure and the site map is that you have the key high ranking.

3, Meta

is very simple, because it is your most important customers. The complex point, every second, there will be countless websites, the probability of your content loss is very high, probably in the next seconds to noble baby search ranking after countless.

let’s see from the designer with the best 9 Shanghai Longfeng method.

if you want to allow the user to find you through the relevant keywords, first of all you need a reasonable layout, relatively easy to grasp.

best practices

1, the website structure

why Shanghai dragon for a website is very important?

2, easy navigation

so, I ask, how can we get an accurate and fast information to convey to others? At this time, we need to do Shanghai dragon.

even if you’re not familiar with it, but you should also know what it is. On your page, almost every page will appear in the description of Meta, these descriptions may be 160 characters or less. Meta is an excellent description you attract visitors outside the chain of opportunity "

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