URL, optimization of pseudo static solution

but at present the webmaster most used or pseudo static method, static pure requires professional technology, a lot of Shanghai dragon ER is only for the program can read on the good, so the most real pseudo static.

this is not what new things, the reason I want to talk about today, because recently the author of Fuyou online line on the occasion, met a little trouble, before I have used this LINEX space, because the record selection problem a Windows2003 operating system, according to the practice path of Fuyou URL the network is static, but the pseudo static Rewrit component support, in order to spend a lot of time and effort to solve the problem of the author. I want to see the information in time to find a large web site is how to deal with, so random checking of several well-known website, let us look at the path of these sites is what conditions:

The path of pseudo static

path URL these 5 well-known sites can see, say pure dynamic path and textbook as not from Adsense welcome, nor by spiders welcome. Although better than pure pure static and dynamic, but it is not mainstream, but the dynamic path + pure static path is the main trend of the future.


is love Shanghai’s website, the ranking is also quite good, observed the path is pure static

love love Shanghai’s Shanghai encyclopedia as an important member of the URL path is pure static

1: Sina blog

4: Jingdong


mall is a Jingdong integrated network of retailers China’s largest e-commerce website Chinese is one of the most popular consumer e-commerce and the most influential, the URL path for pure static and dynamic path.

Sina blog can be said to be one of the largest sites, the third party blog platform is also the largest, Shanghai dragon er who love to do the most of the chain, using the URL pure static path.

website is already a topic from a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the author contact Shanghai dragon in this industry began to stop in front of the ear and sloshing not body, I believe that as long as the station is on it are not unfamiliar, the Internet can be seen everywhere " Shanghai dragon book, Shanghai dragon cheats, love the latest Shanghai " algorithm and so on; "teaching materials" are included in this part of skills, has become one of the Shanghai Phoenix nirvana.

3: where

2: Iqiyi

where is China leading travel search engine, currently the world’s largest online travel website in June 2011 Chinese, won the love and love Shanghai, Shanghai became the largest shareholder, is also a member of Shanghai’s love, the path for the dynamic and static.


5: love Shanghai Encyclopedia