Don’t play rascal Shanghai dragon’s ultimate goal is not the website ranking optimization

Shanghai dragon

webmaster eyes of Shanghai dragon is what effect? For this I believe many of my friends are a bit confused, some owners say Shanghai Longfeng optimization the final purpose is to improve the user experience, let users can browse the information they are interested in a good environment atmosphere. But the practice is that so? But spent all the eyes of the Shanghai dragon actually said a point or to understand the website ranking, the website ranking in the eyes of individual owners, more important than the user experience degrees, Bi >

in recent years, with the popularity of the Internet, at the same time Shanghai, the threshold level is low, more and more friends into the network to realize their entrepreneurial dreams here. But after entering the network, whether it is business or personal, site venture will use a method that is the implementation of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, but also because each person uses Shanghai dragon to access the things different, the Shanghai Dragon into a network garbage maker, hate all the things. Even the largest search engine also produced two different clues, which makes Shanghai Longfeng this industry becomes more and more dark. But even this will not hinder our enthusiasm for optimization of Shanghai dragon. Relatively speaking, the use of Shanghai dragon website optimization can indeed quickly improve their website exposure rate, but more people love to Shanghai, as is the only way to improve the exposure rate, and many webmaster website ranking as the ultimate goal of Shanghai dragon optimization, as long as the ranking is up, then the optimization on the success of the Shanghai dragon.

optimization is the final goal for this ranking? I believe most Adsense are very identity, do Shanghai Longfeng optimization is to improve the ranking, in fact what the on ranking and the user experience? Talk about good, it 37 eleven. Have the fear of user experience is not good? I believe that many owners have such thoughts. It is a strength of optimization ranking, the first thing to open the computer every morning is not doing something else, is the website inquiries to check their site ranking has been increased, the amount collected has not declined, not new snapshot new. Have a website ranking was playing with feeling. Webmasters will follow the mood of the website rankings and sometimes good and bad. I always feel that, owners are not actually in the operation of Shanghai dragon this tool, but by the Shanghai dragon anti control. The operation of the Shanghai dragon station to your final destination is set in the website rankings, as long as the ranking is good, that is the biggest success of Shanghai dragon optimization. Ranking is actually the final result? Personally, in addition to list, there are many more important factors, such as user loyalty, user experience, back rate etc. These are the key factors affecting the development of the site, leaving the rankings, the website can also be normal existence, now a lot of large portal stand are focused on creating their own the website brand, why? Is not to can not through the rankings can also let website normal development? As some well-known local sites, most of its users are not on the search engine brings, in other words, the ranking can obtain a large number of users no longer rely on its Web site.