Analysis the increase of the chain way and notice what


these two days and share are some optimization strategies on the site outside the chain, the chain optimization of a lot of people say that its value is far better than before, even some people said the chain now didn’t have what effect, so in the end is not like you say so?

2, pointing to the purpose of the website links to the user given voluntarily vote (the key to judge the quality standards of


to tell you the truth love Shanghai official did not show that the chain has no effect, only those groundless statement we are discussing is garbage outside the chain, for the chain of garbage is certainly no effect, it will cause serious consequences of the site being punished.

1, you can find friends website (of course, there is a certain correlation between your website) add your link, if your friend will give you the best front page one-way links.

so the chain to optimize the effect of promotion website there is a role for the role, size mainly depends on the quality level of the chain, if a chain of high quality links to websites give a vote on this effect is very good, such as the chain of poor quality and even a little correlation with it the effect is on the contrary, will lead to serious web search engines suffer punishment.

1, pointing to the purpose of the website links associated with

2, with noble baby and love Shanghai or other search engines to search your site’s theme, such as your site is doing furniture, by searching out ranking reverse link to view their love in Shanghai or Google home page top three websites do you also can do some screening can link quality also, can directly check the ranking in the top three websites home telephone number or QQ directly with the person in charge of communication link exchange, such as the other side is not willing to but the link and good quality can be considered if buying. Of course, occasionally buy search engine like this website is very difficult to detect, so the method of Yang Zi Shanghai dragon.

so you do in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, don’t ignore the optimization of the construction site outside the chain, at the same time to remind you not to go around and optimize the chain chain, but there is no need to send a large number of machines used to link or buy a large number of the chain to improve website ranking, now the search engine has been completely identify these are spam links, it will seriously be judged to be cheating, so we do not hold fluky psychology.

so we should need to pay attention to what and how to increase the chain in the chain process? This is here to share with you the content:


, a way of chain increased

to search engine how to determine whether a chain is the high quality links, love Shanghai official has been given a clear standard of Yang Zi Shanghai dragon two points there is: