How should Shanghai Longfeng enterprises optimize

enterprise optimization how to play the Dragon

three, Shanghai Longfeng relatively low cost: the main cost of Shanghai dragon is human, other cost is almost 0.

four, Shanghai Dragon good user experience: in order to better ranking and transformation, we must do the user valuable and helpful content, really solve all problems.

, a Shanghai dragon search high quality: compared with other marketing methods, Shanghai dragon is users find to convince myself, the other way is to push information.

Why do Shanghai dragon

we know why do companies in Shanghai Longfeng, also saw a >

believes that most of my friends have heard of Shanghai dragon useless and outdated theory, Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon is not reliable, for the enterprise should do how to do Shanghai Shanghai dragon, dragon become the talk of the town. In fact, every time someone in bad mouthing something, for example, nowadays many people sing in the decline of public letter No.. Some people have a search, search there Shanghai dragon, why people bad mouthing? The reason is very simple: they did not do (did not seize the opportunity), he did a good (do not want results). Do all in secretly make money. The industry’s first famous Shanghai dragon Wang Tong is the best example.


two, Shanghai Longfeng long-term effective advertising once stopped, traffic immediately disappear. Shanghai dragon is a long-term and effective.


personal webmaster has become less and less, after all, today’s Internet platform leveraging some platform very much, it is a good choice. But higher cost and more difficult problem of website operation profit. But for businesses, or should have a better display platform, and the website became the ideal choice for you. The website is sure to let more potential customers know our website, so marketing has become the necessary work.

with the rapid development of the Internet, especially the intelligent search engine, coupled with the impact of the electricity supplier, the development of the Internet platform, the construction and operation of the site has been basically abandoned most entrepreneurs, especially in Shanghai Longfeng optimization is to become more chicken ribs was neglected. Although individual entrepreneurs basically fled the site, but the enterprise is more and more attention. Guard Yuan Kun today and we chat enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng optimization problems.

Guardian Yuan found that most enterprises due to Kunming station company reason construction site, methods in the marketing aspects of PPC, and the high cost of bidding to become members of the pain, how to use the optimization means to let enterprise website have better ranking, more traffic, more people think the problem is transformed. The key is their strokes, find the Shanghai dragon master on behalf of the operating companies, or doing well in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, where is the reason?

enterprises to solve this problem? Guard Yuan Kun think at least four reasons of concern: