Beijing Shanghai Longfeng ranked first comprehensive secret Website Optimization Website


Red Army in the computer in front of the computer about love Shanghai "Beijing Shanghai dragon" and "Beijing website optimization". Poly Rui media, love Shanghai champion. Just look about before. Today in front of the computer on the whole day. It can be said that this site has been very difficult to go beyond the.

blog, don’t forget the three largest software network in poly Rui super writer. He is a blog group software, can be aimed at many mainstream blog group built mass. Such as: Sina blog, blog, love > Shanghai NetEase

stock information industry. Happy net weight (but also a large number of 2 Taobao 59i99 passenger information network). Beijing rental network,

I want to sharp we are very familiar with, his three big webmaster tools – Super housekeeper, super super writer is currently collecting the webmaster use. The effect of convenient, no need for me to say. Poly Rui media is an absolute master of the operations team, through the analysis of Beijing Shanghai dragon, the Red Army found this large group of stations – Boutique station group. I can also see to have 50 top-level domain and hundreds of thousands of 2 level domain name. The main website is: Poly Rui network, 1258z network owners (large domain

Beijing Shanghai Longfeng anchor text

we want to say today is his external links. First introduce the data: love Shanghai domain related domain is 4550, YAHOO the chain number is: 6700. Here we have to introduce the chain form Beijing Shanghai Dragon:

home page, the weights are concentrated to the home page. Each article in 1000 words or more, are original. He has 2 powerful directory support: Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon blog forum. Love Shanghai included until today 1680, Google 4600. PR is 0, so Shenyang Shanghai Longfeng Hongbing previously introduced to the judges website weight common errors mentioned in the light to determine the site weight PR value is not accurate. Links almost all of his team’s website.

well, we start from the analysis of Beijing Shanghai dragon, the website is very simple, the website structure optimization do is perfect, tree structure, clear hierarchy. Each article is Beijing Shanghai dragon at the beginning, the article also was

poly Rui Links platform, Beijing jade, Viagra, Beijing studio and so on. Very large stations.

, 1 stations, stations for us is not strange, many webmaster to listen to some of the training institutions against the station, that station group just Shanghai dragon cheating arbitrary, in fact those for personal webmaster, stations need a lot of manpower, financial resources. For individual webmaster to the pursuit of quality, so we can not guarantee the quality, so there will be a lot of garbage station group is K, is right down the situation. While the media Jurui large stations is the whole team to operate. With excellent software, it can be said that each station is fine station, station group of Beijing is one of the main sources of Shanghai Longfeng chain.