The correlation search engine on how to identify the content

The trust search engine

a "theme is reflected by the title, a web page is what we say, or is the central idea of the website, when an article which appeared a keyword, then the search engine will think this page with keywords is certainly relevant, this is why the title is so important in a web page.

more is to look at the search engine, search engine belongs to the intelligent robot, can automatically determine the relevance for search engines, for example, it can be judged by a large number of data are household appliances and air conditioning is not the content of the page table, it is also a good criterion.


used a computer to search the web site of the people should know, when using a search engine. It will be based on the user’s search, automatic arrangement of good quality related content, actually analyzed by clearly be able to understand the data search results, ranking the more in front of the site of it must be very high, so the ranking role in the search engine is very important.

other criteria

2, web content


3, the authority of the site


network is generally assumed authority website, an authoritative website can lead out a link to another page, this page with household appliances who think about the search engine automatically according to the authoritative website guide out this link that like the contents of this page that is, household appliances.

search engine how to determine the correlation between

1, containing the title

keyword appears position is to play an important role, such as a battery in the content inside with the effect that appears in the title which effect is not the same, so we want to improve the relevance of the words will often use the strong tag, by this way to let the search engine think our content is associated with a key words.

The position of

4 and key wordsThe

learned Shanghai Longfeng people should know that there is a word called keyword density, meaning that when the number of times a website of a keyword appears more so, it shows that the correlation between the keywords and the website is very high, and the frequency and relevance of keywords is proportional to the higher. The greater the frequency correlation. Therefore, when the keywords appear more then ranking can more forward.