Schindler Shanghai Dragon the promotion of imitation brand products five elements of success

website construction of general foreign trade station is that several template websites set up fast and easy optimization, first of all to the structure of the site ready, product description related to high, easy to optimize, and each product page insert some anchor text point to the home page, in order to increase the weight of home page.



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every day, always concerned about the detection ranking, ranking, suddenly one day not ranked, or ranking drop down, it may mean the site was K or down the right, then to respond promptly to do a 301 redirect to transfer the weight of the website to other sites. As a platform to promote to the next station.

imitation brand of this industry is very popular, the competition is very fierce, there are a large number of people to get rich in the short term, should carefully analyze the key words don’t just pick big competition all selected keywords, some keywords search volume while doing more people, even a whole season could not make up we should pay more attention to the long tail word, long tail word may bring more conversion gain greater.

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line on the site every day to update the original article or false original article, in order to improve the spider crawling frequency, conditional person can write their own original articles of high quality best, at the same time can collect the weight high website, bookmarks, blog, comment, message board and some outside the chain of resources, regularly publish the chain.

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imitation brand station should a few points to always pay attention to, this article by Schindler released in Fuzhou Shanghai dragon printing network 贵族宝贝fzywzx贵族宝贝, please keep the connection

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is known to copy card website is easy to be blocked or complaints, this is also a lot of stationmaster headaches in the choice of space time should be very careful to choose, otherwise after complaints will not be able to log in to the space, even the website data cannot be extracted, all in the space to be carefully considered.

is the upcoming winter season do imitation brand products, imitation Shanghai Longfeng abroad, known as profit is considerable, and many products, almost all foreign brands are doing, competition is very intense, many owners will be spared no expense to buy the black chain, almost all black hat techniques would be to use it only to stay at home for a period of time, this time is a good time to prepare for all the work, here to introduce 5 points to do imitation brand Shanghai Longfeng success factors

Three. Establish