Safety of website of Shanghai dragon how to prevent hacker attacks

optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentThe chain construction >

2) on the customer information security:

for the sake of the safety of the site, as a written procedure from people, to give you a few suggestions:

1) to the search engine rankings:

sometimes, even if the site is not hosting malicious software, but if the security of the site has weakened, but you are not aware of this point, the attacker can in the plant, in order to steal your website scripts, so that customers personal information can be stolen. This is for us to the user experience as the soul of the web site, this is a fatal blow.

(3) on the website backstage administrator account and password, try to set up a complex, a hacker technique is "dictionary attack", compared with the encrypted password encrypted result.

(5) on a regular basis server system to update, maintain the security and stability of the operating system.

special chain optimization:


did not do before optimization of the website, also do not pay attention to these problems, whether your site search engine optimization to do well, but if you ignore the safety of the site, then all your efforts to reduce waste.

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hacker, a term webmasters are familiar with, we know a website if hacker attacks, the owners in the search engine optimization efforts will be in vain, each site is flawed, as long as you grasp the hacker website system vulnerabilities, if he wants to attack then, the website will face the hitherto unknown disaster. The Shanghai dragon, the hacker technique also is Shanghai dragon black hat, for a white hat to optimize the station, how to prevent hacker attacks by hackers is a lot of people will lead to what results in trying to solve the problem of the website:

(6) to be safe, your computer installed firewall.


(2) hackers usually do procedures were born, check the website code, try to reduce the site’s vulnerability is very important, the site layout using a simple DIV+CSS layout.

(4) do not use the default database path, we know there is a hacker technique, is IP deception and snoop.

if a website bearing some of the malicious software, that there is no doubt that the site will be punished by search engines, ranking and weight will be greatly reduced, and may even be K station, which of course on site traffic as an immeasurable loss.

(1) choose a stable server or virtual host, which is the least.