Shanghai dragon new friendship chain website ranking optimization strategy

new friendship chain exchange strategy

Links exchange

later can promote steadily as site keywords ranking, weight, began to shift to the main keywords.

keyword density adjustmentKeywords

required for the optimization of the key to add the article content and strong correlation between content of keywords to improve optimization.

(6 months)

observation of the main keywords and the Links use keyword ranking fluctuations. According to the height and the number of Links weight, estimate, determine the main keywords rise space and value. If the main keywords ranking rises slowly, while another keyword ranking has before, began to consider replacing other keywords and keyword strong correlation as Links exchange.

new Shanghai dragon website ranking optimization strategy for the benefits of this Links exchange is: early to avoid the more competitive keywords, so that the strong correlation between the word entered the home gets ranking and traffic. The mid to continue to explore new keywords ranking and flow in the solid foundation and the flow of the ranking. Based on a certain weight, before the mid flow accumulation, in late May the main keyword ranking, not for traffic and there is no certain keyword ranking and distress.

three, updated with

what is Links

two, mid (2-4 months)



, an early (1-2 months)

Links can also be understood as interactive link anchor text. Links in links from one-way into two-way. A form of Links is the anchor text link.

as much as possible to design good mainly with title, keywords, description, the content of the page inside the keywords. One can love Shanghai, with word segmentation, keyword combination and convenient in a variety of post ranking optimization.

, title, keywords, description,

according to the important degree of reasonable adjustment of keyword density is between 2%-8% (as much as the best, depending on the site content.).




In late three,

early to avoid the popular keyword competitive link, keyword selection and main keywords strong correlation, and the competition was slightly lower than that of the main key words words. For example: the main keyword is "Wuhan Shanghai dragon", we can choose the "Wuhan Shanghai dragon service" such words.

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