On Webmaster Platform, on the website after optimization


Webmaster Platform we know now a website, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform which is "corrective feedback function", meaning that you can tell how to change, love Shanghai, love Shanghai spiders will make a wait-and-see on the site within 96 hours, without a lot of crawling thus, lead to a negative impact.

Site revision before and after In fact, the As for the change of Because of how In this paper, the author from the

to optimize the management of one station began a revision love Shanghai optimization from the second half of this year is how, what is the optimal.

and methods to solve the above problems of the website, and please read carefully.

next, the author talk about the Shanghai station, from mid July after the revision to say it.

revision, what kind of change, not to contact the author, because it got a new look good website, so from the angle of the author is a just finished.

love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm available, more and more optimization of a web site outside the chain to reduce the proportion of some of the platform, the chain volume proportion is not so important, such as forum signature, attendance, and even some are not related to the platform outside the chain does not play a role. The most common webmaster forum link replies signature, the A5 forum is so replies. The content of the page with the title – love Shanghai for the website itself related to the degree and quality of more and more attention, more and more high value user experience.

as a Shanghai dragon Er, working for so many years, do not know how to succeed, at least to know how to get started after the optimization of a website, from where to begin, keep an eye on the latest developments Webmaster Platform update, A5 inside major post information, combined with their own long-term update optimization, the next step to determine what to do.

1. page title, keyword set is very exaggerated, such as web page title: Dahne Dahne Dahne technology
Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai | training | Shanghai Danei | Dahne software training high-end training courses | Shanghai Danei Software Co. ltd.. Other special page title is also love Shanghai page shows incomplete experience.

2. through site: actually can see included BOCAI page of the existence of the Shanghai tarena, this is for me, is one of the most important blow to the site, because the station a few months later found no one care, there are two BOCAI implanted folders below the root of the site, and have included three months later, this is one of the reasons for the period of time are not included.

3. website, every industry update article is the domain name.Cn with the station first included, this is on the site of a blow, but it is the same as like as two peas, website style, what are the same.

Since It is also found after

are as follows: