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from the previous Razer to HKEx issued IPO prospectus on the point of view, Razer’s revenue capacity is not as beautiful as its surface. Razer’s earnings from $315 million in 2014 increased to $392 million 100 thousand in 2016. Prospectus shows that in 2016, 76.2% of Razer’s revenue comes from peripheral equipment, and 23.1% of the revenue comes from computer systems. In 2016, Razer received little revenue from software and services. Razer’s profit was $20 million 300 thousand in 2014, and $20 million 400 thousand, $59 million 700 thousand, respectively, in 2015 and 2016. Bodhi


3. purchasing power: many start-up companies have access to financing, compared to other small companies with considerable revenue can afford to buy products.

2. decision: as long as a few people make decisions. Typically, decision makers are founders.

sells products and services to start-up companies that are different from traditional sales, and you need faster response and flexibility. Steli Efti, a co-founder of ElasticSales, a marketing consultancy, explains the matter in detail from a professional point of view.

1. speed: faster sales to startups than to Fortune 500 companies.

companies "money people fine", how to persuade them to buy your product, is a challenging job

1. hold the point,

3. immediately brings value

good ideas come from the solution of the problem, which is a consensus among entrepreneurs. Many start-ups are targeting the market and developing related products to other start-ups. However, many people do not know how to successfully sell products to startups. They will only consider 3 aspects:


however, many people may forget that selling products to start-up companies is like aiming at evolving, rapidly changing goals that require faster response and flexibility in the sales process. Here are 6 important things to remember in the process, which is important for successful sales of products or services to start-up companies.

startups don’t care what benefits your product will bring in the coming months, quarters and years. They didn’t have the patience to wait long before the product realized its value. When touting a product, make sure that it demonstrates its value to start-up companies and what benefits it currently offers. If you can save time for them, provide them with information

startups and founders are changing fast, and their buying decisions are the same. When you start a startup, be sure to save everyone’s time and highlight the main points. There is no need for complex conversations, as long as you highlight the main points and goals, make sure that this is where the start-up company’s needs are, and then sell as much as possible.

2. don’t brag about

TechWeb reported July 13th news, previously traced to the HKEx has submitted IPO applications for Razer, and recently a new action. According to Bloomberg’s sources said, Razer plans in October this year, Hong Kong IPO, the valuation is expected to reach $5 billion. Previously, TechCrunch aspects of the IPO document submitted by Razer, did not snoop into the company’s valuation and IPO specific time and IPO financing amount.

, when you sell products to startups, you can’t be like a flashy businessman. Startups like people who know their needs and challenges. When you contact the founder of a startup, you need to assume that you are talking to some of the smartest people, so you need to respect their wisdom and be as honest as possible about the product and its performance. Most founders can quickly find out if you’re bragging, so please don’t waste your time needlessly.


in fact, from May this year, Li Jiacheng through its investment company to inject Razer, you can see some clues. Li Jiacheng in Razer’s $50 million financing, Hongkong Razer aims to promote gaming and tap the players in international competitions, and strive for the right to host an international event and place of Hongkong. This idea is very consistent with Razer’s own future development path, after all, Razer’s main business in the mouse, keyboard and other hardware, with great gaming properties. If you want to host an international event, you need more financial support. After you get Li Jiacheng’s attention, Razer’s future path will become plain sailing and attract more capital attention.