Mobile phone search and computer search content synchronization on the website optimization enlighte

June is the Cherry ripe season, a few days before playing a ride, walk in the countryside on the road, on both sides of the road there are a lot of selling cherry, originally wanted to take a picture on both sides of the road selling cherry photos sun circle of friends, but in the fast moving pictures, failed, so in love Shanghai search a "cheating".

obviously, from Shanghai love search synchronization, for site optimization or PC>

we all know, the current mobile phone and computer love Shanghai love Shanghai with a keyword search results are not the same. A master said, with their own mobile phone search keywords, your site has not thought to row to the first page of the second, the heart happy! But it was a little uneasy, and then use the computer search results are the same, the second page! Obviously, a lot of mobile phone website is a secondary domain name computer there are many websites and websites, mobile web site did not show up, it will inevitably lead to different search results.

in site optimization theory, the optimization of Shanghai dragon has been regarded as a classic, and Shanghai dragon optimization is basically around the PC terminal site, to the mobile site, type of Shanghai Dragon technology is not, the majority of mobile website optimization theory and method from the traditional optimization, many webmaster once confused, people in the Internet using a mobile phone before the

friends on the synchronous but not too cold, a college student said, my Internet cafes in search results discovered by classmates, "very embarrassed!" the students on the Internet in the end what! Some netizens put forward such doubts, love is not in Shanghai to steal personal privacy. However, for the website optimization, search synchronization is not necessarily a good thing.

website optimization is useful?

it has been over the past two days, I search on a computer with a love of Shanghai, suddenly found a few days ago, the search results were displayed on the computer side, this is what love Shanghai? Later, I still found the answer in the love sea, based on user login account of the love of Shanghai. Using the PC version of love Shanghai search, love Shanghai, love Shanghai mobile phone mobile phone browser web search over the content, can be real-time synchronization, Shanghai love to this application is the explanation of "effective to ensure that users love search experience continuous sea search in multiple devices or applications."

search, love Shanghai in search results is also gradually synchronous? That is to say, the mobile terminal is the PC side of the site search ranking results, you PC better, you will get better performance of mobile terminal. So, for the website optimization, if to do mobile website optimization, may be a kind of have the order reversed behavior at a certain stage, the premise is the mobile terminal and PC terminal is not close to the same, may have very good rankings, but also the weight of the traditional PC website website ranked the ultimate impact the.


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