Liu Jun Thirteen common problems of Shanghai dragon novice and simple answer


Shanghai index 5. love thousand million, included such words, how long can line up


from the webmaster tools query, will see the daily journals, the editor will send every day many articles, such as some companies require editing every 40 articles, but the love of Shanghai included only a few articles, this in addition to the quality of itself, and the site outside the chain, the chain issued a proposal to bring the article the link, so as to improve collection.

website has a lot of keywords ranking, the best way is to increase the weight of the site, only the weights up keywords can be lifted up.

2. website snapshot not with the new

the growth of the chain is regular, at least to keep in a horizontal line above, inside the website link to directional anchor text, web site external links to the anchor text diversity, as web site users to the website links, search engines naturally compared with foreign chain requirements.

8. the growth of the chain? Is regular or not.

4. how to improve the site weight, the weight of the inside pages of

3. a lot of keywords to rank

play station weight lifting, a high quality articles, two, outside the chain (: weight high BBS, classified information, love Shanghai know, Soso Ask, blog, etc.) an article a few times you can, when you write the title to the novel, including the long tail key word.


6. love every day in Shanghai included what is normal

? ?

7. Links a week 30-50, for so much love, Shanghai will have what reaction, OK?

Links a week in exchange for 30 is normal, but not every week to change so much, after all, a number of sites Links between 30 to 50 for some relative. Along with your ongoing Links exchange, some sites will secretly removed Links, there is your website weight increase, will continue to clean up some links in the new Links.

this is a website of the weight, weight high a month can line up.

no home page snapshot is home by K, solution is to find out the reasons and modified by K. Then update the original article every day, the chain to a high quality forum, classified information to send, anchor text to diversity. The rest is only waiting for love to website contains Shanghai.

website snapshot not update solution is to write high quality articles update quantity increase, every day is the best time to update.


1. love Shanghai website no home page snapshot of

, how to do?The