How to solve the S6 love Shanghai suggestions to optimize the static resources can set the client

CSS and JS is 7 days; the picture is 30 days. This is why we open a factor A5 station network speed, do not need a server request again to the local resources, storage, yijuduode.


said that under the following how to set up the static content cache time:


look at the cache time we A5 Adsense nets as below:

said we should pay attention to the local

open the IIS6 find the need to set up the site, to choose the time to set the cache directory, I tell you about the picture as an example:

other static resource settings and the different methods, is to find the corresponding resources directory can be stored.


I use

1, set the cache time according to the actual situation of your site to set, for example some articles with pictures after the release of the article, the probability of basically modified images is very small, then set the cache.

give love Shanghai Webmaster Tools page optimization tips introduce function of very few people may notice. Love to the Shanghai official description is: "the page optimization suggestion tool can detect web access speed and gives suggestions. The access speed, good format specification ", to enhance the user experience and directly affect the site traffic." Shanghai officials who have seen love so "naked" said what factors directly affect the site traffic? This is the only one place. So I suggest not used Comrades detection, find and solve the problem.

select "enable content expiration", then you can choose in the following settings "this time expired" set an expiration time: days, hours, minutes. You can.


" directory, click the right mouse button to select "properties", the pop-up window, select "http

asked about why you want to set the static content cache time? Static content including website pictures, JS, CSS, HTML page. Take these things set the contents of the cache time, the browser will set up your time in the web server to request these resources, reducing the pressure on the server and the web site, open the page will also accelerate the speed. Let the user with a cool, search engine can not favor you

This Select the "




after building the habit of this function to test page. Yesterday, scoring only 52 points, also failed (forget screenshots), cause the biggest problem is the static content cache time is not set, and understand the information processing, the network news today score is 80 points away.