User experience Optimization (UEO) describes the three core ideas

visitors from Click to browse to the exchange to achieve sales conversion, this link is very important, after all, do not simply make a name card, the website is to have enough to survive and expand to the most important basis is the sense of service. Website optimization is a truly highly qualified service team. To make users happy, we provide useful information as much as possible at the same time, also want to give the user some surprises. We can hold some site activities, so as to make to interact with the user, and can make users happy, Why not?? here suggested that we need to constantly improve the function of the website, can let the user less of a mouse to find the target content, will strive to a fast one second open home; it is worth the whole day, optimization. The first time to answer user consultation, at 24 hours QQ online.

first, our website to let the user feel

website user experience is an important principle in the user whether or not to have access to it in this moment, interest implicated website sales conversion. We like shopping online, most people think that Jingdong and Taobao is reassuring, not deceived. The structure and function of the mind first from the site of.

this is very important, this is a metaphor for love in Shanghai at present to combat cheating low quality web site, the site must first look assured, professional and authoritative in the industry, and some sites did not achieve this requirement, medical treatment, medicine, loans, play many sites in Shanghai love the edge of Web sites may be K or drop right at any time, false information is a kind of Internet marketing in inhumane practices. The laying of authoritative public confidence in the road, even if visitors do not understand professional but still feel you deserved. In addition, the station information should strengthen the audit, by asking recruiters upload a business license, additional certification logo, website reminder and other measures, as far as possible to avoid false and fraudulent information to the users of millions of losses. This is a website of responsible. Only do this, can we better do website optimization work, allows users to rest assured.

second, our website to let users rest assured

website optimization every day to hang in the mouth is the user experience, how to improve, how to let visitors more satisfied, but few people actually doing. Our site specific place which does not meet the needs of users, what data analysis is not in place. This is the optimization of producers should be watchful, the user experience of the site there are a lot of details, design, text, online consultation, navigation, website function, theme is bright, even a bad Links may bring bad user experience. So, to improve the user experience of the website from the aspects which, around what the core to start? The Nanjing Erling Network Technology Co. Ltd. the three user experience "core" concept. I hope to help enterprises and webmaster friends.

third, our website to reassure users