Why your website can not do it Shanghai Longfeng open doors for you

Some problems I encountered on the site when the share below:

is behind the website to find a lot of learning Shanghai Longfeng tutorial, see Shanghai dragon Research Center, finally studied in Shanghai Longfeng Research Center, through half a year of learning, the greatest feeling is: Shanghai dragon is a protracted war, to have executive power and the need to constantly practice, in order to learn better, Shanghai dragon it is difficult to say, not difficult or difficult, if only for three minutes, it is never good, like to write an article, write an article today, a week is not, then a week and write, this website will be very difficult to do it, the difficulty is how do you stick to it enough, and execution.

then went into my office, is an Equipment Company Ltd, at the time of interview is to do Taobao operators and Alibaba, in more than half a year, do a little improvement, customers also slowly up, was also obtained the trust of the boss. Give me a back of the official website, Shanghai Longfeng optimization, was also not what experience, no friend would the Shanghai dragon optimization, feel to write a title did not know how to write. Use the software to find the words do not know, look for products of the word, write a lot of words, and write after write again change, second days, not so good feel, changed and write. Many products included changed again, did not know, often change the title will have what not good, even the website will not be found, then I feel learning Shanghai dragon is too difficult. I feel so confused.



was the first to locate keywords related to the product, the core keywords and long tail keywords analysis, first make a rough sketch of the site layout, is also the layout of the column page classification website keywords and web page distribution. Keywords core distribution in navigation, page title, long tail word distribution in the column page or the article title, here we must remember that not all pages with a unified website title and description. This approach is to let a lot of keyword distribution on the website.

in the process of learning, to Shanghai dragon optimization also has a new height, from the beginning of the title, keywords, description to later know if the site layout. Keywords layout, inside and outside the chain layout, URL optimization, ALT image tag, site map and dug the word, but also to understand the enterprise website how to do up the rankings.

two, how to write the contents of the product.

first started learning Shanghai dragon, is heard when listening to the Taobao business, promote the network curriculum, the teacher said some of Shanghai dragon and knowledge, at the time that the Shanghai dragon is really good stuff, than Taobao operation, seems to be more simple, feel it is not very difficult, it is understand some of the code, the layout of key words, written the title of the site, the site description written on the line.

, a preliminary site layout: if