The chain webmaster to do an antidote against the disease a commonplace talk of an old scholar

for search engine (here refers to the love of Shanghai), I believe we all know that the chain is king, indeed, adhere to the original update on the website structure and content in normal circumstances, the chain has a very important role for the website ranking and flow level, almost success must rely on the chain the. I am learning site less than four months, but for the understanding of the chain is very profound, so have to learn to do a return to the old platitude chain.

a few months ago, I met a webmaster, like I * * * time, is operating in Heilongjiang is a local forum, just three months, the site daily flow of over one million, the income is not very clear, I do not have this with me, after all is a local forum, some of the business there is a congenital advantage, and the webmaster and online in a city card similar to the business entity, so income is not necessarily the philippines. I wonder how he is in a short period of three months to do traffic, to communicate with him after the discovery, the original itself is northeast a well-known newspaper reporter, has excellent interpersonal relationship network and media ability nature is normal, so after no longer strange. Of course, the master said, in fact, most owners have such a line of communication ability is not realistic, still need to rely on the love of Shanghai and other search engines, the construction of the chain will not free, because your network may spread to a city of a province, but you cannot spread a Chinese, so only relying on the internet.

class second, "chain (including text and address). This chain is almost the stationmaster known as ripe, soon rotten. In the form of the forum, BBS signature, blog posts, video website (address), classified information (address), the new 360 seemingly some of the library.


first look at the chain type personal eyes:

first class, Links. Links is now known to every family, as long as it is a station almost every day people can see their QQ group one day in a several times, for friends of the chain, how much weight, PR, included the number, the snapshot time, almost every day has become the alarm. In fact, Links is very helpless for the establishment of the first friends, not because of how much weight, or not much included, will be some high level webmaster denied, a two or even five or six times, finally give up the waste of time things, in my opinion, the webmaster many newcomers are the weight of two words fooled, in fact love Shanghai itself is not the weight that this is some Webmaster Tools own rating standards. As long as you change Links website, meet several points: 1. snapshots updated frequently; 2. included stable; 3. weight (even if it is not much difference between low you it is also the correlation between the 4. sites (); this is the most important)! As for why some related sites close friend chain is of great benefit, this is not to say