Shanghai Dragon into the deep difficult to learn

said many may not understand the innovation ability, innovation ability in Shanghai dragon is very important. Because the search engine in the constantly updated sound so we need to innovate a new optimization method, only forward so that we can follow the direction of search engine changes. If we blindly copied the previous approach, then we will be eliminated by the search engine.

2. advanced Shanghai dragon needs to have the innovation ability of high strength.

remember to write me in front of the "new Shanghai" do not blindly into the dragon industry said in the Shanghai dragon is the need to understand a lot of things, in fact, we all agreed that Shanghai dragon is very easy to get started, but really want to learn the deep Shanghai dragon is not so easy. It contains many factors, Shanghai dragon is a very complex and wide area, we need to have his code reading ability, creative thinking ability, but also requires us to have a detailed analysis of the ability to learn, so Shanghai dragon deep is not easy. The volunteers will be left from several aspects to analyze the Shanghai dragon to learn good must master knowledge.

said the market insight what some people might think that I have been, in fact when we optimize the site the first thing to do is to select the site keywords, in the process of site selection of key words in the industry we need to market the website to understand. If do not understand the market conditions to determine the key words, the consequences of website promotion is spend a lot of manpower is not a good effect. We all said that only in the premise to understand the market situation, combined with the market to determine the site keywords is the right way.

is a professional academic self will each need, we can only continue to improve their learning ability, Shanghai dragon is no exception need to have strong self-learning ability. In Shanghai dragon inside the industry if you do not have a strong self-learning ability, so you have professional knowledge is very limited, so the optimization method when you master.

I think we all know that we do Shanghai dragon people, need every day to according to the data analysis to the present situation of dynamic web site data record down. For example, we can be collected from the website, the snapshot can be included in the analysis of whether the search and crawling demand. Or when the site to be search engine punishment, we can from the website to log file analysis is the site where a problem leads, or when the site is out when the high rate we can jump out of the high rate of page to page design analysis there do not in place and so on, all these need we have detailed the ability of data analysis.

In fact,

1. advanced Shanghai dragon requires careful data analysis.

3. advanced Shanghai dragon needs to have the keen market insight.

4. advanced Shanghai dragon have extremely strong self-learning ability.