Talking about love Shanghai share influence on Shanghai Dragon

love online from the station to see not only 2 included, not a reverse link, that I did not do any of the chain.

second love Shanghai share love Shanghai can increase the weight and ranking, enhance the user experience of

, built a wordpress blog, updated two original articles, issued after the end of the article, and then did not do anything under the condition of the chain, with love to share the Shanghai micro-blog above, less than half an hour, Shanghai has put love website, very fast!

ShareThis, bShare and other social sharing tools compared to share love Shanghai, slightly inferior! Both for the website or website ranking is weight >

Yesterday registered a new domain name

love Shanghai share a total of 32 sharing websites, but love Shanghai know in order to limit the share is estimated for each IP brush, only a limited number of shares, even if we all share, but shows the number of little share regardless of this, never mind, as long as the spider can quickly grasp a link to enter the site on the OK! Less than half an hour is included in the website! Without any new station outside the chain, so cherish, powerful of this is the love of Shanghai to share the



first love Shanghai sharing website that included to speed up


remember to love Shanghai share, just launched many problems: BUG, unable to display the link source, is not compatible with the website, he had also earlier batch use love Shanghai share one of the webmaster, now love Shanghai sharing has improved a lot, very powerful! Perhaps because love is the products of Shanghai because there are very many webmaster followers. As you love to love the Shanghai encyclopedia, know love love Shanghai, Shanghai experience, Post Bar love Shanghai, love Shanghai share is destined to become the webmaster friends a favored target. Indeed, after my test found that love Shanghai share for the website optimization Shanghai dragon really help.


share of love Shanghai Shanghai dragon except can quickly collect a website that is actually on the rankings, user experience is quite similar to Google’s G+. Share of many people, that share many times in search of love Shanghai search out your website will have a thumbs up icon, which is tantamount to the flowers a little red, it is quite striking, as I want to see so many users share will open web site to see what. As the love Shanghai search engine, of course if it felt so many times this website, will give it a certain weight ranking.