Shanghai Longfeng optimization from Web Design Perspective

so what I did in Shanghai and Phoenix, the Shanghai dragon team ice Ze vino to introduce:

: the first design overall layout and site structureThe construction site is divided into UI and

website from design to manufacturing, to later updates, all cannot do without pictures, and the search engine is more and more love with original content, a network buzzwords do not know if you still remember "not without the truth, perhaps the search engine is to make content >

second: design

optimization ranking many people contact the product website, and before the design and optimization procedures, personnel are not involved, and that not of their own, is completely mistaken web design, website ranking, have a great relationship. Website optimization cycle is generally three months, may be longer, more suggestions to optimize the site at the early stage of the design structure and layout, in fact, these are just a small part of web design is beneficial to Shanghai dragon, the foundation well, can save time optimization work late, can be said to be a multiplier effect.

site map and navigation

style sheet file as much as possible with the same style as a class, and using external reference method, the JS file. The other is to avoid the use of iframe framework, the search engine does not recognize, there may be flash drop right, with as little as possible, because the general search engines are basically unable to recognize this file type. But flash can be very good to attract users attention, make the page more vivid, so, how to better use flash, really need a lot of Kung fu.

main navigation general appearance, navigation to show some of the main navigation links to important pages do not show, and pages breadcrumb navigation, all need to pay attention to art. Navigation can not only guide the user, also can attract the spider crawling, and bread crumbs navigation can let the spider know the structure of the site for several layers. In addition to the production site map, because each search engine on the map document requirements are not the same, so as to make three kinds of site map form, HTML, XML, TXT, and the best site map file in the root directory, this is more conducive to the spider crawling and crawling.


general background, UI mainly includes each page and website structure, the user can see the path, the background is mainly to achieve crud functions. So the website artists can also say "the role of the designer for the Shanghai dragon optimization is more important than a programmer. The design of the static layout and directory structure of artists is mainly responsible for the whole page, so as we say the three layer structure and mesh flat tree structure, are from the design of website structure when artists need to do.

style file iframe flash framework Shanghai dragon

third: application of