April fly to Er of Shanghai Dragon Mining

7, and from the words related to web mining, dig here >

1, the search engine drop-down box, used to love Shanghai friends will find you in the search of relevant content, love Shanghai drop-down box will prompt some other words and the word Related words, and this is what you need to expand the long tail keywords, because of the keyword drop-down box is love Shanghai according to the user the search of a reaction out of the data, though, it can also brush out, but more often, this data is of great reference value.

website, do optimization, need to choose keywords, keywords only confirmed, then the optimization can be better to the website according to the key words, if the words are not clear, then everything is floating clouds, as Shanghai dragon Er how to learn to mining, here we’ll talk about.

Whether it is

6, website traffic statistics analysis tools, this is your main website to add flow analysis tools like Google analysis, love Shanghai analysis, cnzz and other content, the overall data analysis, is a reference, you can see from the log, in addition to the daily flow of content, you will find some unexpected words, but these words can also be used as a source of long tail keywords.

3, Google keyword analysis tool or love Shanghai index, the two pieces of content compared to the former two, more professional, they are the source of the data, according to Google or love Shanghai included the amount of keywords, reflected the content, more reference, and they can be some long tail key words clearly reflect the website still exists.

Q & a platform

4, Shanghai Longfeng keyword analysis tool, there are many online tools of this kind, you are given a keyword, then expand the tool according to the key words, if the word popular words, he can easily expand a lot of long tail keywords, the keywords are also, according to the algorithm or the relevant data also, the analysis, has a certain reference.

5, love Shanghai know, the focus here is the love of Shanghai know, although there are other know quiz platform, but did not like the love of Shanghai know it, for a wide range, you can be in love in Shanghai know you want to expand the search keywords, then Shanghai will know love keywords and the Related words, all the words out, expand, the majority of sentences, and these sentences can well reflect the user search keywords idiom, very practical.

2, search search engine, in addition to the drop-down box, then search search engine is a very good platform, when you search for a keyword, and the relevant keywords, and search for a high degree of words will appear below the search engine, while the word is related to search. The search is like good keyword mining platform.