And summarizes some problems often encountered in Shanghai dragon er

The site is not included in

will not write 1. content, not the original. Because now the network of things have assimilated matter, almost literally yisou, many of the articles are as like as two peas, love will not love this site in Shanghai.

Shanghai dragon started from June and officially took Shanghai dragon Er this "no return", I will appear more or less confused period, more or less in the industry, always friends enlighten me, guide me, because I love this, I believe that through this can change my destiny I can rely on this meal.

4. As a webmaster we every day to go home owners to check their website included some rankings, this is I to the company every day will do, see no change or decrease website ranking, a lost mood. L website ranking, good mood, I have a blog, I was just on the line to pay more attention to this day, see the article not be included. My heart is always uncomfortable.

5. sites are included, no ranking. My hand is in a state of such a station, included in a month, included a lot than before, but the rankings sometimes drop sometimes rise, but the magnitude is very small.

2. site no one visit. Build a station full of joy like a lot of people every day, to share their knowledge, but no one was around.

according to the above problems, are several Shanghai dragon Er encountered the main problem, for the above questions I’d like to make a conclusion: as a webmaster, we must maintain a good attitude, the optimization is of course need to spend a long time, we eat hot tofu, the time we have to do some basic work the usual optimization: 1. is the best site with new content, if you write articles, not flowers, can be a week at least 3 articles, two days a, to a study of Shanghai Longfeng website see others write articles, see the article when the thought of law record, or summary records from the others, and we usually have to optimize the communication group, we put their words to remember, a new text, write down their words, combined his words to write an article, this The sample is very effective, and can learn something and can write a high quality paper.

This is my

3. does not promote. Our construction site is to share with the people in need, but in order to show the needs of the people, we go around the post, to try to make people click on our website.


on this line, I believe many people like me, it was late at night to sleep, some people in the National People’s Congress late than me, some people choose Shanghai, he give up halfway, perhaps because not to earn money, perhaps because of tired, maybe a lot of things he did not understand, no one guide, perhaps there is pressure, because the boss is out to effect. So many reasons to give up.

so what kind of problems encountered in

Shanghai dragon Er