The concept of love Shanghai Shanghai dragon intervention Baidu move who touched a nerve


then "Baidu" move in the end is who touched a nerve? Before I first look at the official love Shanghai search engine optimization guide in 2 words:

users found in the search for "love Shanghai Shanghai dragon" will have the following results:


from the red part of the above picture can be seen, the official Shanghai Longfeng guide has been clearly expressed, the relationship between Shanghai and Phoenix search engine is a system of mutual relations. Of course, the premise of this relationship is you use the Shanghai Dragon technology is the white hat Shanghai Dragon technology, the author thinks that the black hat of any Shanghai dragon are immoral behavior, this behavior may bring short-term benefits to Shanghai dragon Er, but in fact is a kind of hurt Shanghai dragon industry, is a kind of hurt business owners, but also against Shanghai dragon Er occupation moral

when you see the red box that many Er are completely Shanghai dragon anger, anger is the result of several mainstream webmaster forum, community filled with anxiety post, aguirre. IT information portal is also filled with this kind of article, the author also very interested in several communities and shopping portal, found maniang in the majority, most people understand is "Baidu" destruction of Shanghai dragon Er jobs, their strong PPC pockets! What’s more say in Shanghai the dragon and the search engine has always been the author of natural enemies, the concept of Shanghai dragon Er

from the upper part of the red line painting we can understand, in fact, as long as the search engine exists, there will be a day of Shanghai dragon industry. No matter how the search engine technology development, as long as he has ranked then there will be the rules of the game. While the vast majority of sites are established by the thousands on thousands of individuals or enterprises and they don’t understand, the rules of the game, you need to understand the rules of the game to help them to participate in the game, so that the real Shanghai Longfeng Er will not lose because what Baidu move, those in need of Shanghai Longfeng service companies will not because of this tip and become do not need this service


very puzzled! On the morning of the 15

event has passed, our thinking is now fierce competition in the market of Shanghai dragon has too many is impetuous and quick success, the paper only when the individual point >

first for the things at the beginning, although this incident has been in the past 2 days, Baidu resumed normal search page.

a little boxes, so many people have so much response to our thinking is what? The Shanghai dragon Er really understand the meaning of Shanghai dragon? When a Shanghai dragon person or business practitioners, conscientiously do a honest and trustworthy enterprises, why worry can not establish own brand, when you have the integrity of their brand you fear more similar "prompt"