Shanghai dragon play is the mentality

I have to reflect on their own on the site before the accident, there is no violation of what search engine line? I didn’t buy links, nor with the crazy chain no used black hat Shanghai dragon to improve my website ranking. I see and I are in the same server on several websites, recently is not a recent website is search engine punishment. If on the same server site has a search engine punishment, then the other site shall be jointly and severally liable. No results. And finally determine not hacked my website.

in the study period, every day I will send a few time to write their own articles on the site. Then some Post Bar, leaving 5 to 10 forum links to your web site. Remember that a few articles must be original, even if their language skills is not good to write their own search engine, because love is a love of things, you have to meet him, so he will love you. Not crazy to do outside the chain, so that the search engine will leave you out.

know yourself into the assessment period is good. To know a website is webmaster efforts, but the same quality, the same information website, no doubt there are hundreds of thousands of thousands of tens of thousands, the lack of which sites, search engines, search for old users are not what effect. Understand this, the mentality of the webmaster should be flat and. Because of you and without you, will not affect the goal of search engine. This is the most against the webmaster impatient, find some articles on the Internet to fill their own websites crazy, using knowledge to optimize the website of Shanghai dragon. It would be counterproductive, search engine will abandon you.

I was on a month to the above said, my website has a good ranking.

sure not external factors and their own website is not due to the fault of ranking. I know your site into the observation period of love in Shanghai. The study period and the Google sandbox is a means to love Shanghai. The love of Shanghai, webmaster want to relax their mind. This is because each site will experience a time or several times.

may I have a lot of new owners like me, get up in the morning and fell in love with the sea search your own web site, suddenly found the site did not rank. Don’t worry at this time, not to scold this love that love Shanghai Shanghai, to calm down slowly watch website a week. Because sometimes the error occurred when updating the database of Shanghai love may, one week after the site’s ranking on the back. But my site after a week or no ranking, then I would hurry up, another week or no response, my heart slowly calm down and think about me is not in the website optimization

what was wrong? I understand that I entered

two months before my website suddenly no ranking, in the fall in love with the sea with domain advanced search can search my website, but there is no ranking. After two months of hard waiting, I finally have the website ranking, and has a very good ranking. Below I will share my two months’ practice.