Love Shanghai only included the analysis and solution.

2, my website has its own problems. After my analysis, I think that is my home problems, because it was on the front page in addition to navigation, all is plus/***.php? Aid=* this link, and this link search engine is no way to grab, so I love Shanghai is likely to be the station as link farms, or will I the confidence of the website is greatly reduced.

after this change is probably in two days or so, then when site fell in love with the sea, included my site has been changed to more than 10 pages. After that, I did not deliberately go to the chain, and my site included the number has been rising. To write this article so far, it has reached the amount of more than 60 pages. Although still relatively small, but finally crossed a threshold. It included a gradual increase in the number of.

love Shanghai only included the home page is a very common, and sometimes very difficult problem. I used to do other website, basically have not encountered such a problem. But after I recently made a small, but love encountered only included the problem of Shanghai. I do website, upload to space, and then to some places send links. Indeed two day Shanghai collected my new home. At that time, my heart is still very happy. Feel the love of Shanghai or the former love Shanghai, it’s still pretty diligent spider. But next week, let me more depressed. For more than a week’s time, the love of Shanghai have been collected on my home page, but not on the other page included. Use the site:***贵族宝贝 command only to find a page is the home page.


because of my station has been qualitative, this is no way to change, I can only change the structure of my site. So in the next, I started on the web page for the revision, the right area of web page opens, divided into three parts, respectively show the latest method reducing weight, diet and exercise content. So in front of many many can grab the URL address.

began when I was waiting for, think this is love Shanghai slow problem. But then I thought to change this phenomenon. I believe that through the analysis, the reason for this phenomenon may be the following:

I think, after the emergence of this phenomenon, the mentality is very important. It should analyze the problem carefully, to solve the problem. Love Shanghai as the largest search engine, not on the individual webmaster spare none. As long as we have the patience, confidence, we will be able to usher in the spring of our website.

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1, because my station is selling slimming products, online similar stand too much, love Shanghai for this kind of station have been immunized, which only included the phenomenon of