Love the sea K station how to restore the flow and the strategy


, four strategies: how to restore the station after the sea traffic in K, how to develop strategies to avoid being? Love Shanghai or a certain engine will be playing into the hands of small owners, the webmaster to enhance the ability of dealing with risk, so that the site in an invincible position long-term stable development. If you rely on a search engine, and it wants to make a website disappeared, is a very easy thing.


, an observation: to see from the observation of long time, is love k a lot of sea station is your site law-abiding, enterprise station side, the owners of these very dedicated, then maintain their own websites often work until 12 pm, is the webmaster to perennial love Shanghai stone, rich love the contents of the Shanghai, and many owners are k off. After being love Shanghai K off, most of the owners think they made a mistake, get yourself with the same crime, increase the quantity of labor more, it is already a very good website and then toss.

analysis: three, the name of the web site is the key word, the most direct in Sogou, soso, Bing, 360 Yahoo, Google search, search your site name, will find the engine is very good, search keywords correlation degree of accuracy has been more than love the sea, that is to say love Shanghai search keywords the accurate degree is more and more bad, love Shanghai search technology behind. Why so many users to search for love in Shanghai? The answer is: "love Shanghai search habits", so the long active users do not have the experience with soso, Sogou, 360 search, noble baby and other search engines, it is said that many users do not know the major search engine search results beyond love Shanghai, love Shanghai behind search technology is a fact

Chinese search engine rankings: Shanghai love the number of users covered first, ranking second is 360 search, ranking third is the baby贵族宝贝.hk, ranking fourth is soso, Sogou ranked fifth. Is the 80% of the users in the search for love status in Shanghai, you visit the site of origin is in the hands of love Shanghai, love Shanghai website if you disappear, you don’t disappear from you! So, to our website stable long-term development, can not let a search engine your destiny.

, two experiments: k out of the sea is in love with any website, web site content is not illegal, in other large well-known websites have to search engine, you can in Sogou, soso, Bing, Yahoo, Google, 360 search, search your site name Chinese can search the site, because the Chinese the name is the keyword most directly, which is the basic function of the search engine, the search engine website can search your site name and URL, but not to love in search of Shanghai, Shanghai is the only love a website will identify the good and bad, and several other major search engines can not identify good after the test and bad? The answer is the other major search engine search results more accurate than the love of Shanghai, but now users also don’t know it.