Methods the website space

home page or other important directory. Online decompression is the function of time to save optimization. While this site backup is too important, we must be able to periodically backup on our website.

3. space must support 404 error pages, online decompression, database and website backup function. 404 error page binding is a necessary function, because it can reduce the loss of customers. You may be a lot of people do not understand what is called the 404, then to a LED car advertising I recently did for you on the website, please see below:

when I do not exist that address this LED advertising vehicle in the website, the website will automatically jump like a frame above, here we will remind the user site does not exist, we can take users to the front page of our website to browse, which can reduce the loss of the user, can also put the flow into the


still has the advantage of being able to make a dynamic path environment variable to camouflage more static path search engines crawl, propagation and interaction of the user. If the path of a dynamic web page too much will cause the path is too long and the effects included our site, so it is recommended that you use the pseudo static or static technology.

2. space must support pseudo static function. We all know that the static page is more conducive to search engine included, but some people will say that learning station, station why can use dynamic, that is because of the large data generated every day too much, some things can not be static. We don’t need to go compared with these stations, because of the large master resource is beyond our reach. The station has the advantage of being small and fine, we can’t fight with large open degree, can fight with them professional. Now there are many websites are dynamic website, if not static, then I suggest you use the pseudo static. Pseudo


website space like people with their own house, our daily life should be carried out in this room, so choose a suitable space for our work is the basic content of Shanghai dragon. Below to introduce my choice in some of the experience.

4. if your users are users across the country, must ensure that the telecom and China Unicom Double Road unimpeded. This is very important, recommend the two server. Only use double to ensure China Unicom users and telecom users.

1. space must support 301 redirect. When we buy a domain name and analysis, a domain name will be parsed into www with and without www. General things with WWW website is belong to the top-level domain, the search engine gives him a higher weight, in order to prevent weight loss, we don’t take the WWW 301 to bring to the WWW web site. This is the most basic site optimization in operation, we must use.

The importance of