Why are the top three new traffic flow and no deal

1. new no trust for users.

we think that as long as the top three, then we will get the volume increased significantly, the money will come, but it always backfires. Website ranking make up for two or three months, did not see how much volume, then some Shanghai dragon will sigh, Shanghai dragon did not imagine so good results ah, do not use what, some Shanghai dragon wanted to give up, I also experienced such a thing, really make a person very downhearted. To describe the situation in one sentence: the darkness before the dawn. We need the volume slowly accumulated, and not all users to browse your site will be executed immediately, some customers often browse our website, nor for consultation, later on

reason why traffic is not high

, a top three,

as a new do website, users are very strange to this website, the credit nature is not high. Study on the statistics of Shanghai and often love often communicate with peers and friends will find such a problem: when you as a new ranking to the keywords first, found their traffic is not too high, and a ranking of second old station traffic is more than my first name, this is our so-called trust. Do a good website, there is a viscosity for users, users are accustomed to this site, so even if the site is not in the first place, he will still choose to trust a relatively high degree of the old station. So we site traffic is not high it xianguaibuguai.

2, a new ranking first does not meet the needs of users.

some Shanghai Longfeng think do keyword ranking home you can sleep without any anxiety, wait for the transaction, in fact this idea is wrong. We as a new station, before the rank do it, is to rely on our Shanghai Longfeng experience to analyze user needs, these analysis through practice to prove correct, so the new station is ranked first in the US in the wrong time. We should through data analysis to judge our website title, content, layout is reasonable. If we do not meet the needs of users in these areas, our rankings are just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum not for a long time. Because even if you ranked first, your website did not meet your users, so it is not affected by users like.

two, the top three,

can do your site keyword ranking in the top three, we did a great blessing Shanghai dragon, after all, we have the advantage of ranking. It is not the website ranking do before three, whether our traffic will immediately increase, will not immediately bring a deal? Experience shows that even if the new top three

1. flow accumulation to a certain amount.

flow volume is not high reason

, flow and volume is not Mrs. high, what is why, how should we respond? Please allow me to say.