My first college Wangzhuan secondary marketTough and suspension entrepreneurial savvy Zhang Xuhao ho

from university booming flea market is not difficult to see, many students do not care to buy a second-hand goods does not affect the use, while some students are willing to put their idle goods transfer out. Every year graduates produce a large amount of second-hand goods, including a large number of teaching materials, reference books, computers, digital products, and some very convenient small articles for daily use. When we graduated, the books were sold in sacks and sacks, and computers and other items were sent off two months before graduation.

Abstract: in 2011, standing in a villa with a rent of $5000, Zhang Xuhao, 26, painted a huge cake — the Taobao of the catering industry, to a dozen young people of his age. 5 years later, hungry Mody, laying more than 700 cities, the daily peak orders exceeded 5 million single, valued at $4 billion 500 million.


this is Zhang Xuhao’s most memorable spring festival.


if you have some money, you can consider graduate computer recycling, as well as some Walkman, headphones, and so on. Freshmen are very good customers.

dropped out of business, deep takeaway market for many years, giant confrontation, external tough inside savvy Zhang Xuhao how to make $4 billion 500 million Unicorn

in 2011, standing in a $5000 rental villa, Zhang Xuhao, 26, painted a huge cake — "Taobao in the catering industry" — to dozens of young people of his age.

they nest in the dormitory to play games, and often, takeout takeout stomachs, user experience is not good, usually take the leaflets on the phone call in the past, when needed, often can not find the leaflets. In the middle of the night, they discussed how to use the Internet to make takeout food. The more they talked, the more they talked until four in the morning.

5 years later, Zhang Xuhao’s takeaway platform hungry, laying more than 700 cities, the daily peak orders exceeded 5 million single, Alibaba and ants received $1 billion 250 million investment, valued at $4 billion 500 million.

I was late leaving, see the dormitory management to pick up the empty dorm aunt all those left behind things ah ah pot pot, and then get the workers gathered near the school market to sell an estimated term will also sell a small 1000 block.

deals with takeaway pain points, instant response,

when do takeaway the hardest, hungry founder and CEO Zhang Xuhao to Yulin to work in Shaanxi.

‘s ideas began to take shape, and Zhang Xuhao and his two other people in the dorm signed a partnership agreement and began to toss about. Zhang Xuhao’s father gave 128 thousand yuan before and after, Kang Jia and two other people each collect several thousand yuan. At that time, there were some college students who started the competition and rushed the bonus. Zhang Xuhao, they took part in several competitions, and took 450 thousand yuan, of which 100 thousand was

and his co-founder concon is a native of Yulin, where many people dig coal money, ask him: "every day for a few cents suanlaisuanqu, worth it? Or we work. During the Spring Festival in 2011, he lived alone in a Yulin guest house, where the north wind never closed, and the hot water was too hot to take a bath.

later, a classmate of ours chose to start a business, a book for graduates, then a trading platform on the Internet, which was resold or rented to freshmen. He specifically earned how much I do not know, but definitely more than I do hard to earn GGAD much better, and do not worry about the site traffic problems. The students at the beginning of the day before graduation, down from the second-hand computer and notebook, many graduates go home or go somewhere else, without computer sold, some graduate emergency money, the notebook also sold. One of my classmates in our dormitory, in the second year bought a second-hand IBM notebook, is a graduate of Tsinghua going abroad on sale, 9 into new, very good notebook, everyone said she picked up a great deal, because only 1500 to buy, use the no fault 41 later, the 1500 sold out.

2007, hungry, co founder and COO, Kang Jia and Zhang Xuhao read the master of architecture and energy conservation in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, two people, hobbies, and soon became good friends. "Pirates of Silicon Valley" to stimulate their interest in Internet business, two people together to discuss how to use the Internet building energy saving industry, traveled to Shanghai energy service company, that is "new wine in old bottles", or by the nature of network operations resources, not all new entrepreneurs play a little space, business or in the consumer sector.