How to do the work site optimization search speed under the love of Shanghai

third, increase the weight of import, increase website weight. A web site can be more susceptible to love in favour of Shanghai is closely related to the weight of the website itself. The main factors influencing the website weight is from high weight website recommendations and setting their own time, so in a short time, and actively invite the high power.

recently I found a very strange thing, then enter keywords in the search box after love Shanghai, love Shanghai ready to click a button, but found that the results are already present, which makes me feel very surprise, is the legendary instant love of Shanghai has been achieved, but also so quietly, intelligence seems to love Shanghai and have not the same day a few years ago.

second, improve the quality of website content, let the love of Shanghai included a one-time. Love Shanghai is able to speed the rapid feedback to the user, a very important technology is database mirroring technology, this technology can make the database keyword search results and rapid matching, in principle have different keywords construct view relations, so can greatly reduce the search time. In this work reflects the optimization as far as possible to let their own content into the Shanghai love view system, that is to say as soon as possible to love Shanghai included. To this point the quality of website content is undoubtedly a very key factor.

from the official words that this algorithm will not affect the Shanghai dragon optimization ranking, but we think in a blink of an eye. This is mainly for those who have no effect in strict accordance with the love of Shanghai white paper optimized website, if you want to optimize by black hat, then the impact would not be a tiny bit. This love in Shanghai speed search algorithm, the optimization work should be carried out from the following aspects.

first, optimizing the structure of the website. Let the love of spiders in Shanghai can climb completely with the fastest speed, when Shanghai began to love playing speed, so for our webmaster should give full cooperation in optimization, website structure optimization is an important way. Should the web page to page compression to level three, is also the home column page content page is optimized according to this path. Then they should respect each other in the chain for each page, the dead link may exist within the chain to do the 404 feedback page, so as to let the love Shanghai speed climbing completely, so as to improve the website crawl rate.


a surprise love Shanghai’s progress, on the other hand, do not worry about how to do the work in the future Shanghai dragon, as compared to the love of Shanghai intelligent is higher, so want to use loopholes to love Shanghai rapid promotion website ranking approach will be more difficult, the Shanghai dragon optimization personnel is not pose a serious threat.? but I found through the network platform for such fears are not the people, there are a lot of peers and also has consulted the Shanghai search for love this speed will not affect the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai love to give an official engineer answer is "no".