Johnsen website weight accumulation make keyword ranking more stable

two, the website maintenance, mainly do the following two points:

site overall weight accumulation is very important, if the main content and layout for diversification of the chain, in order to enhance the overall weight of the site as the goal, take the accumulation process, make the site grow in the health, let search engines love our website, trust index increased, and the people. Is the same, when you to a friend very trust, what you do will get the maximum support, when the site has formed a benign state after optimization, according to our target words one by one to break through to the optimization, but the effect is immediate, not to mention some of the more popular keywords, reached a certain weight in the overall weight, not how these words are quite good and stable rankings, the weight of this site and could not escape.

when we optimize several main keywords have a good ranking.

website optimization, we should first try to increase the weight of the website, and then the key words for the optimization of the rankings, is the most appropriate the most stable ranking optimization. There are a lot of friends began to do a lot of direct target keywords anchor text, without a certain weight on the website, this is very dangerous not desirable, it may be a snapshot update slow, right down, even K station punishment, a thankless task. Of course, Shanghai dragon to examine many aspects of a lot, whether black or white, cats can catch mice is a good cat, optimization of creative methods also need to be the Shanghai dragon Er to study, go to practice, but the tall buildings from the ground up, do website weight to do keyword ranking will be the most security.

needless to say, Shanghai dragon has a common goal is: let the target keywords we have good ranking method and operation have different ideas, but a variety of methods, the Chuangsheng think, Shanghai dragon one point is for all website optimization strategies cannot do without the weight is directly affected by the site within the site keywords ranking all the web pages.

, do the site optimization, in order to improve the website weight:

1. website optimization More haste, less speed.

in the website optimization, many Webmaster Station just on the line, act with undue haste, can’t wait to have the keywords of the anchor text construction, have deliberately optimized obviously, actually it is drive a duck onto a perch like More haste, less speed. website, without a certain weight accumulation, even if there is a ranking is not stable, at the same time also increase the search engine evaluation period, and only if every page is optimized for these keywords, search engine will think you are cheating, it is difficult to get good rankings for keywords, and the weights of the website promotion effect is quite small.

2. first enhance the site overall weight

1. do the long tail word, traffic increase