Love Shanghai cancel the chain Shanghai dragon optimization direction

Since the official

love Shanghai cancel the chain plan, recently in Shanghai Longfeng circle has become a hot topic, or make some Adsense lost. Poly Win + Shanghai dragon love Shanghai according to the previous inference algorithm changes, the Baidu should not cancel the chain 100%, why take such a plan purpose is very clear, as Shanghai dragon ER also understand this, Shanghai dragon actually has a large part of the work is in the fight outside the chain, or pure ranked as the Shanghai dragon. Pseudo original, the chain of garbage all over the internet. To purify the Internet environment, information, only provide users with useful information will be indexed ranking, Shanghai cancel love chain is the last ditch.
is a solid content, solid content of white is set on the site of the internal optimization standardization, including deployment of positioning strategies in different keywords on the page, of course, also cannot do without the relocation of structured content (because of a receiving station optimization almost do not have the Shanghai dragon code)
two is dynamic content, dynamic content and clear to explain is the optimization of the deep, writing an article is really not an easy thing, in writing prior to conception, sometimes referring to some outstanding Shanghai dragon soft, emphasize not pseudo original as noted above, the concept of innovation and uniqueness. An article will be users love, forwarding, collection, the idea is really important idea is to take into account the user’s taste, whether love can help to attract users, the title, the content of conditioning and so on, if there is a number of strong ability of writing the best words more, but this is need a process of tempering.