do not know the chain construction site ten errors

is said that we should not be complacent, stagnant in the site, constantly sum up experience, to find the suitable methods for their own website. The web site of the chain, the more conservative is intolerable, we want to continue to progress, constantly sum up experience, can not backward, not beaten, in order to achieve good results. When I was in the initial site outside of the chain once entered this misunderstanding, I always do it yourself, never to communicate with others, seldom go to the webmaster nets see article, always feel that the chain is also a blog, Post Bar, love Shanghai know these, then suddenly found it really can also progress. What about my work didn’t help, so I changed a lot, although it is still a bit lazy, but every day will do the chain according to the plan, and take the time to summarize the experience of the chain. This is what I do for such a long time to try to write a main reason of the chain. One is harmful, we must broaden their horizons, out of the original circle, look at the rest of the world. How innovation can have more harvest.

1, chop and change


many webmaster is quite Niu X, Niu X who must have cattle X. But if you are too proud as Lucifer is intolerable. Some owners with many years of their work experience, it is not arrogant, I love this station. We do there should be some convergence. Where do the chain is said when proud as Lucifer, do Links exchange. Not because of their high PR value of the site is not willing to talk to other high PR value low site exchange links, these low PR value may not be into the PR value high, maybe some website can bring you unexpected harvest. There is, don’t think the novice worth mentioning, everyone is from novice to come, we will try our best to help them progress, don’t feel cattle, evade.

as we all know, should not do anything chop and change. In the optimization process of the site is to pay attention to this point, whether the chain, or do the chain, or do the update, chop and change the misunderstanding is often fatal. Most of the errors are impatient to enter the novice webmaster, some webmaster or site has been K, frustration began to give up, began to chop and change, beginning three days of fishing, two days of drying, began to dry the dry the. I remember when I started to learn to do the Shanghai dragon entered the misunderstanding, was also thought of giving up to do in this industry, but I still insist on down.

3, proud as Lucifer

today I want to talk about is I’m doing some common mistakes when the construction of the chain of hope, have not experienced or are these errors in the webmaster can correct early warning. I put these errors are divided into ten categories, for each class I summarized in a phrase, some views on the then, I hope you can learn something from it, then give me a little more support.