Domestic three major league combat PKUse MP3 pop tool to get 1500P

The invoice payment time received by the


from commission payment situation: Ali mother ranked first, then sh419, then shlf1314 Adsense, a lot of people do not understand why the shlf1314 Adsense row last, because of his

Do Wangzhuan

can be said that 70% of owners choose the platform, as can be imagined his charm is, there should be more than 5 of the webmaster to his K number, but a lot is to sum up the experience of yuezhanyueyong. Here’s an official sketch of the shlf1314 adsense.

procedure is relatively simple, but really few people, can do all the money, because in the network, especially do Wangzhuan, flow is money.

3: manual on the blog and message, message words can be, Sina blog in the upper right corner of a casual stroll, and will be transferred to another blog automatically click, and then continue in the above message, and so on. Every blog you built to step 50 and message.

shlf1314 Adsense computing from traditional checks to the current Western Union, for commission collection relative to other alliances is still more trouble, you need to run the bank business. Let alone the brother of the check collection. Over ten thousand dollars a month can’t be used in the West Union

nonsense not say, directly on the steps.

1: 100 Sina blog, why Sina blog? Sina blog traffic, high weight, you can customize the part of the code, it is a lot of benefits.

4: 100 blog *50=5000 to you, that is your message 5000 blogs, according to 30% of the rate of return, you will get 1500 of the traffic, each visit, MP3 will automatically pop up a good website that you set, 1500 flow easily won.

union receives invoices at about 25 days a month before the 20 day of each month.

sh419 alliance

union receives invoices at about 15 days a month before the 10 day of each month.

payment time:

flow is necessary, no traffic, no matter how good the project could not operate.

first, let’s talk about the shlf1314 Adsense platform,

sh419 alliance will in every 15 -25 June pay membership month the Commission, members of the business commission to pay in the League after receipt of the invoice payment time to receipt of the invoice for the time:

PIN is disgusting, it’s that simple.

The following

Ali, mum,

sh419 Union commission payment time

2: add custom plate for every Sina blog, in which you insert has made a good pop MP3 code.

Ali’s mother alliance has been developing for 1 years, but its momentum has frightened competitors. Simple operation, the sale of advertising like vegetables like fun, so many webmaster into the embrace of her mother.

this link:

and secondly, compare their settlement:

sh419 bidding alliance, search league or many webmaster choice. Rumors of sh419 alliance products can increase the search proportion, ha, this is only hearsay…

domestic now three major networks to earn mainstream platform, shlf1314 Adsense, sh419 alliance, Ali mom, in terms of receivables, let us compare.

alliance after 20 days is about 15 next month.

well, the final say, the most important execution

! The

this sketch probably illustrates a payment cycle for adsense. Anyway, the payment time is probably between 25 and 30 a month. There is no specific date. The old user should be very clear.

to talk about the use of blog and MP3 get 1000IP popups tool with ideas.

Ali mom settlement time: next settlement time: 2008-09-15