The snapshot is not updated, backwards, how to solve

, a snapshot not update, what should we do? (personal opinion)


I also to introduce the above factors snapshot long time not updated, so how are we going to rational treatment and to solve this problem, a lot of friends, this is very distressed, worried why website content is updated daily snapshot why does not give the update? (for the love of the Shanghai algorithm, every day will be the home page crawl out, placed in the database, but did not put out) it is likely that that content is not original, if we site appear merely this kind of case, then being solved, but is a bit tired. We can add a column add something original or added directly. Then the rest is waiting. Here we must not forget the high quality of the chain, I believe we have heard of "content is king, the view that the chain is king" this statement is not wrong, the chain should be said to be thousands of Web sites now occupied the main part of how, who can do all the original thing, so don’t forget the things outside the chain, when added to the site of the original content to send some high quality of the chain attached to the text link, if you want to secretly lazy, to get high quality Links good also can still, afraid of high quality links the best advice is not personal, write high quality soft, and the above said Links joint, of course, the approach is similar, but this problem can not be ignored, like my website There are a number of sites have nearly fall right and be K home, no home position, long time not updated snapshot, leading to my site joint by great influence, for this problem, we must first deal with the problem is by this type of site slowly remove the chain, prevent joint damage. read more

What do the hard run website snapshot you

second: check the website user experience

website not only the user experience, site access speed, the snapshot will also affect the site updates. The search engine to your website, once open, the second is the same, the third time it is lazy to think, the spider is not to the site, who gave you the updated snapshot. Many owners began to do in the station, probably because of funding problems with cheap space, but you think, even if this is saved, you can earn? With a stable space, finally is independent of IP, with the server site if there is black, love in. read more

Google search engine how to play the artificial intervention

Google said in the official announcement: due to the current waste site manually deleted site is far less than 2%, this sentence surface of a Google humanintervention very little? I do not understand, artificial intervention is not only to remove the rubbish site so simple, artificial intervention including artificial lower ranking, artificial right down. If not the artificial intervention group, then Google will not set up this group, as illustrated in this group is essential, but specific to those types of website to start, this who can’t understand. We can only follow Google webmaster guidelines to optimize, try not to take the black hat line, otherwise K station also can not blame Google, compared with Google or love Shanghai, personally feel very humane, love Shanghai cannot so transparent". But the last two years have been rising in love Shanghai webmaster > read more

Analysis of search engines to first grab the most important pages


so how search engines first, the most important "

5) priority collection website home page, and give the page weight high value. The number of sites is far less than the number of pages, and important pages must be used from these web page links, so the collection work should give priority to get as much as possible the website home page.

"massive, search engine that important pages have the following basic characteristics, although not always accurate, but most of the time it is: read more

Why does Snapchat start PO when the market is desertedThe only Monroe underwear sale will be in the

to "burn after reading" function in many social networking applications in the way of the Snapchat parent company Snap, in IPO on the way firmly forward, Snap has chosen Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs investment banks led the listed projects, preliminary listing date in March next year, look up and half the time, but for Snap, up to $25 billion valuation, and the current IPO market deserted, Snap companies and investment banks also can operate to wildly beating gongs and drums. So, why Snap companies in the capital market is relatively cold when the sprint listing, read more

Leveraging the power of using their products do love Shanghai Shanghai Dragon

: the first love Shanghai news

love Shanghai know you must know the product user experience love Shanghai know is quite good, so many webmaster to look at the love Shanghai know, love Shanghai in Shanghai do know the dragon. But love Shanghai know not grasp the operation technique of the webmaster is a minefield. Because when you have sex in Shanghai knows to use its weight to the construction of the chain, the chain is no doubt this is very high quality, can also bring a lot of traffic links. But know in Shanghai love to hold a degree, even if you have question and answer to the natural situation. Want to leave the link can be carried out in a question and answer session in question, but to control the time interval, the interval of several hours in time to adopt the best answer, nature as far as possible, and your answer content should also be useful to the user, or the like is advertising like existence. read more

The Shanghai dragon skills


5, improve the user experience of

2, the construction of the chain

  this paper carton factory in Langfang by 贵族宝贝jiyibaozhuang贵族宝贝/ for you to share, reprint keep the link. Thank you

web content is certainly more novel and better, only surprising thing is Baidu dishes, about how to write the contents, the webmaster can see other webmaster at webmaster net is introduced in detail for you, I will not introduce these problems a commonplace talk of an old scholar.

Keywords read more

Those things do not believe the website optimization

fifth: Shanghai love their products don’t use love Shanghai because of its own products > right

for the website optimization, each ER and Shanghai Longfeng different ways to improve the ranking and website weight of keywords and operation problems in the optimization process will encounter all kinds of optimization, some owners do love with white hat is relatively stable, some owners love with black hat effect faster. As everyone knows, Shanghai dragon is actually the essence of optimization in the chain, the chain, the original content and keyword layout, but in the actual operation, many webmaster operation still has great difference, especially the novice webmaster, compare the fascination for the way some methods, and lead to excessive optimization or cheating. Yishui has been completely from the search engine ranking rules, according to the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization principles, ranking of keywords, long tail optimization, so we say some we can not easily too superstitious wrong operation, to provide warning to everyone. read more

The resolution at www. The advantages and disadvantages of贵族宝贝 chain form

2, WWW.***贵族宝贝 this form to the construction of the chain can also help the construction of the chain smoothly, don’t know you when the construction of the chain was found a problem, if you do not add space after the WWW., so the chain you do not show up, usually three fork,

1, using www贵族宝贝.*** this chain can avoid a lot of trouble, we all know that the forum to stay outside the chain is not easy, it is every administrator Jin Jin, if you leave your website address on a forum, I think this is the consequences of your ID has been sealed, because many website administrators think that pure behavior left the address up the weight of the website, and the use of WWW.***贵族宝贝 leave the chain will be better able to avoid this problem, many administrators see this form of link will generally be great mercy, I compared the two methods, found space the survival rate in more than eighty percent links, without space links to the survival rate of less than thirty percent. read more

To crowd effect of reverse thinking stable website ranking

is a Shanghai based Phoenix website data work, data can give us feedback on user behavior, web page quality problems, in order to determine the overall quality of the website. And through these sites data we can know the root cause ranking fluctuations, facilitate our daily site maintenance work. But most of the time we look at the site of IP, PV, bounce rate and residence time and not specific to the numerical study on site data. When a user clicks on a page if so jump directly off the 100%, but if something clicked then out rate 0. But I see no bounce rate to 0 and 100 of the gap between. read more