Past the finishing post

first_imgCaymanas Park Results for Aug 15, 2015Track GoodWeather: FineRHOEL RHODEN MEMORIALTROPHYRace 1 1100 M (Purse $800,000) NB2-Y-O MAIDEN SPECIAL WEIGHT*1. NUCLEAR AFFAIR OWalker 53.02 MY COMPANION SEllis 54.0 Neck3. IGNITION AChatrie 51.5 3 1/2L102.004. BABY P WHenry 52.5 1/2LWIN: $62.00 PLACE: $58.00, $74.00, $102.00Final Time : 1:09.0 Splits : 23.4, 47.2, ,Winner : 2yo ch filly – NUCLEAR WAYNE – COMMANDRA AFFAIRTrainer : GARY SUBRATIE Owner : MICHROSQu: $166.00 Ex: $212.00Trifecta: $251.00DOUBLE LINE TROPHYRace 2 1600 M (Purse $620,000) 3-Y-O & UP CLM($550,0-$500,0)/NB4YO(NW4)*1. CLASSY PROSPECT OWalker 57.02. STAR NEW VISTA SMuir 54.0 1L3. ISRAELITE RHalledeen 53.5 1 3/4L4. BARS OF GOLD AChatrie 56.0 8LLate scratch : #1 GOLDEN BULLET, #4 JACK DE CHARMERWIN: $124.00Final Time : 1:41.1Winner : 8yo dkb gelding – SAINT APPEAL – GOOD PROSPECTTrainer :RYAN DARBY Owner : RAPHAEL E GORDONQu: $730.00 Ex: $1,257.00D/E: $125.00Trifecta: $794.00LITTLE SEEK 20 SHEET PLAQUERace 3 1820 M (Purse $560,000) 3-Y-O & UP CLM($350,0-$300,0)/NB5YO(NW3)1. BATIDOR DE MUNDO SMuir 54.0*2 MISS BOSS LADY JErwin 54.0 Neck3. LEGENDARY PLEASURE RHalledeen 53.5 5L4. STEPPING RAZOR WHenry 52.0 NeckDNF COLD GROUND AChatrie 54.0 (jockey fell)WIN: $298.00PLACE: $83.00, $81.00, $169.00Final Time : 2:00.4 2Winner : 5yo b horse – NATURAL SELECTION out of COTTA’S JEWELTrainer : ROWAN MATHIE, Owner : DSTL & ASSOCIATESQu: $1,023.00 Ex: (6-2) $1,867.00D/E: $1,206.00Superfecta: $10,980.00Rolling Triple: $1,595.00SEEK SCRAPBOOK PLAQUERace 4 1000 M (S) (Purse $560,000) NB4-Y-O & UP RESTRICTED ALLOWANCE IV(NW3)*1. JUNIOR DON SBlake3 53.0 *6/52. BLUE EYE BOY SEllis 57.0 Sh.Head3. LORD CHEPSO RHalledeen 56.0 2L4. CONCUR RLahoe 54.0 1LDNF #8 COVER DRIVE RMairs 54.0 (Fell)WIN: $111.00PLACE: $53.00, $66.00, $56.00Final Time : 1:00.3 ,Winner: 4yo b colt – LEGAL PROCESS – ROYAL PARDONTrainer : WELSH SOUTAR Owner : SYLVESTER SUBERANQu: $245.00 Ex: $478.00D/E: $745.00Superfecta: $624.00Rolling Triple: $3,121.00SEEK COMPOSITION PLAQUERace 5 1200 M (Purse $500,000) NB5-Y-O & UP MAIDEN CONDITION RACE1. MEL AGAIN WHenry 57.02. WESTERN FAITH RHalledeen 55.0 2 1/4L3. VALENTINE BOY SMuir 55.0 4 1/2L4. TIZ A CAT SBlake3 52.0 1/2LWIN: $251.00PLACE: $92.00, $57.00, $193.00Final Time : 1:19.0 ,Winner : 6yo b horse – HAIL ORPHAN – ENCHANTED EVENING by STRONGEST LINKTrainer : RUDOLPH HARDIAL, Owner : SAMUEL A. WALKER & ALTAMONT BROWNQu: $258.00 Ex: $603.00D/E: $805.00Superfecta: $4,952.00Rolling Triple: $7,878.00SEEK PACK PLAQUERace 6 1000 M (R) (Purse $500,000) 4YO&UP CLM($180,0)-NOT FINISHED 1st-3rd SINCE APRIL 15*1. INSANE BOLT OSimpson 53.0 112.00 103.002. SIR D SMuir 55.0 8/1 Sh.Head 162.003. ALPHALETTA WHenry 54.0 9/2 6 95.004. CAPTAIN DJ SBlake3 53.0 38/1 35. ZANZIBAR RChatrie4 53.0 11/1 4 1/26. SILVER CAT OSewell3 53.0 95/1 1 1/4Late scratch: MR. THEOPHILUS, FABULOUSCONNECTIONWIN: $112.00PLACE: $103.00, $162.00, $95.00Final Time : 1:02.0 ,Winner : 4yo colt – SHUFFLING MADDNES – GOLDEN OLYMPIOTrainer : STEVEN TODD Owner : STEVEN TODDQu: $700.00 Ex: $1,237.00D/E: $800.00 SD: $189.00Trifecta: $1,352.00Hit-6 carry-over : $4,322.50Rolling Triple: $1,856.00Super-6: $12,820.00SEEK CUSTOMER TROPHYRace 7 1820 M (Purse $768,000) NB3-Y-O MAIDEN CONDITION RACE1. BROWN GIRL CBudhai 53.02. STERRI’S CHOICE OWalker 54.0 3 1/2L*3. DIAMOND RHalledeen 54.0 2 1/4 L4. TASHIE BABY JErwin 53.0 2 1/2L5. #1 ANGEL STAR AChatrie 51.5 5 1/2LWIN: $158.00PLACE: $59.00, $70.00. $55.00Final Time : 2:02.0 Winner : 3yo b filly – DEPUTY GLITTERS – RAY OF HOPETrainer : GORDON LEWIS Owner : JOHN P DRAKEQu: $366.00 Ex: $908.00D/E: $465.00Trifecta: $459.00Hi-5: $1,477.50Rolling Triple: $2,652.00Pick-4: $7,192.00SEEK EMPLOYEES TROPHYRace 8 1000 M (S) (Purse $560,000) NB5-Y-O & UP RESTRICTED ALLOWANCE III(NW3 O/T)1. ASIA’S DREAM OMullings 50.0*2. CLEARLY OURS OWhite 50.0 3L3. WAR CHIP JErwin 53.0 Head4. PHALAENOPSIS KRobinson 53.0 2 3/4L5. ENHANCE PROSPERITY MGriffiths 49.0 NeckWIN: $249.00PLACE: $73.00, $68.00, $181.00Final Time : 1:00.0 Splits : 22.4, 45.3Winner : 5yo b mare – HE’STHEREALTHING – WHITE DIAMONDTrainer :SPENCER CHUNG Owner : W.P. V. CHUNG & HOWARD L. HAMILTON (C.D.) & ROBERT F. CHUNGQu: $264.00 Ex: $692.00D/E: $505.00Trifecta: $2,126.00Hi-5 carry-over: $82,273.75Rolling Triple: $1,881.00SEEK 70 SHEET PLAQUERace 9 1000 M (S) (Purse $530,000) NB4-Y-O & UP RESTRICTED ALLOWANCE V(NW2)-FILLIES & MARES1. RASHAIDA OWhite 52.02. LITTLE RHEA KRobinson 52.5 1 1/4L3. COURT CALL JErwin 53.0 1/2L4. BATTLE SONG AChatrie 54.0 3/4L*5. EXPLOSIVE PRINCESS WHenry 54.0 3/4LWIN: $190.00 PLACE:: $113.00, $441.00, $199.00Final Time : 1:00.4 Splits : 23.0, 46.3, ,Winner : 4yo ch filly – DODGEM out of AKELA by LIVER STANDTrainer :CONROY TULLOCH Owner : ROYAL FAMILY STABLESQu: $6,369.00 Ex: $5,515.00D/E: $1,215.00Trifecta: $57,600.00Hi-5: $46,840.50Rolling Triple: $4,336.00SEEK EXERCISE BOOK TROPHYRace 10 1300 M (Purse $1,000,000) 3-Y-O & UP OPEN ALLOWANCE*1. FORTUNEONEHUNDRED RHalledeen 55.02. TRADITIONAL PRINCE AChatrie 57.0 1 1/2L3. PETE’SWILDONE OWalker 55.0 3 1/2L4. SCOOP JORDYNE SEllis 53.0 1 1/4LWIN: $126.00PLACE: $55.00, $67.00, $60.00Final Time : 1:17.3 Splits : 23.2, 46.1, 1:10.4,Winner : 5yo horse – KEYED ENTRY – M. Y. BRIDLEWOODTrainer : WAYNE DACOSTAOwner : ELIZABETH DACOSTA & ELEANORA PALMERQu: $407.00 Ex: $653.00D/E: $611.00Superfecta: $1,619.00Rolling Triple: $5,838.00SEEK COMPOSITION MIXED COLOUR TROPHYRace 11 1100 M (Purse $768,000) NB3-Y-O RESTRICTED ALLOWANCE II(NW2)-FILLIES1. DREAMCOMETRUE OWalker 54.02. VIJEETA SMuir 52.5 3/4L*3. DINNER BY SEVEN RHalledeen 53.0 1 3/4L4. KIRI WHenry 51.5 1 1/2L5. STORMING KRobinson 52.5 3/4LWIN: $156.00PLACE: $66.00, $98.00, $58.00Final Time: 1:07.0 Splits : 23.2, 46.3, ,Winner : 3yo b filly – DEPUTY GLITTERS – SPACEDOUTTrainer : STEVEN TODD, Owner : PATRICK D MCKENZIEQu: $401.00 Ex: $690.00D/E: $429.00Trifecta: $536.00Hi-5: $5,923.50Rolling Triple: $1,911.00Pick-4: $8,308.00Super-6: $26,259.10Pick-9: $4,497,813.50last_img read more

Francis matches fastest Jamaican 4x400m relay leg ever

first_img COMBINED TIME Though his effort left Jamaica just short of a medal in Sunday’s World Championship 4×400-metre final, Javon Francis produced a sterling anchor-leg effort. As he did to rescue a silver medal in the same event two years ago, the 21-year-old national champion charged into the lead. In the 2013 World Championships, his anchor was timed at 44 seconds flat. On Sunday, he was even faster at 43.5 seconds. That matched the fastest hand-timed relay split ever, a 43.5 by renowned baton genius Davian Clarke, to finish a national record run of two minutes, 56.75 seconds in the 1997 World Championships. When more precise electronic times are considered, Clarke retains the lead by 0.01, 43.51 to 43.52 for Francis. In 1997, Michael McDonald, Greg Haughton, Danny McFarlane, and Clarke got the silver medal, as did Rusheen McDonald, Edino Steele, Omar Johnson, and Francis in 2013. Unfortunately, despite the anchor leg heroics, Peter Matthews, Ricardo Chambers, McDonald, and Francis just missed a medal on Sunday. They combined for a time of two minutes, 58.51 seconds, the same as Great Britain, but with the photo-finish camera revealing the edge for the British anchorman, Martyn Rooney. This was Francis’ first relay sub-44 clocking. He joins Clarke, Haughton and Seymour Newman as Jamaicans to produce such times on the 4×400-metre relay. Newman was the first, with 43.8 in the 1976 Olympics. Clarke matched that in the heats of the 1995 World Championships. In that race, McDonald, Clarke, Dennis, Blake and McFarlane became the first Jamaican team to break three minutes in 4x400m relay history. The Clarke sub-44 portfolio also includes a 43.81 that took Jamaica to the bronze in the 2005 Worlds and a 43.88 to seal the silver medal at the 1999 Worlds. Haughton’s sub-44 was an urgent 43.88 to connect Jamaica to second place in the 2001 World Championships. The fastest 4x400m leg on record is the 42.9-second anchor by outstanding American Michael Johnson at the 1993 World Championship. That closed a world record run of two minutes, 54.29 seconds.last_img read more

The nature and meaning of sport

first_imgSport is about a range of specific activities which involves competition and requires physical conditioning and skills. A good way to define it would be to say, “It is a structured physical activity, usually competitive, that requires complex skills and a high level of individual commitment and motivation”. Let’s look at what this mean: · Structured physical activity-structured means it is organised. All sports have governing bodies that set rules and arrange events. It also requires physical preparation to some extent. · Competitive-all sport have a competitive element, either between individual and team. · Requires complex skills-skills have to be learned for an individual to become a performer. Basic skills have to be learned first, which are later developed into more complex skills. · High level of individual commitment and motivation – top athletes get to where they are by training for long hours for many years and often have to make sacrifices. This of course leads to rewards, such as winning, a sense of achievement, prize money or wages, which make all the hard work worthwhile. Throughout history, sport has played a variety of important function in society: as a form of recreation, as a preparation for war or the hunt; or later as a substitute for war. Some sports such as wrestling, date back thousands of years, others have arisen and being adapted from other activities. Today there are hundreds of different sports and the job of defining what a sport becomes very difficult. However, a number of characteristics that are shared by all sports can be identified. Common Features of Sport Most of the world’s sports contain the following features: · Competition between individual or team · Physical activity · Winners and losers ( in some sports you can have a draw) · Rules to ensure fair competition · A special place to play ( e.g., a pitch, court, or ring) · Special equipment There have been many attempts to divide sport into groups. Let’s examine a few: · Game – in this group of sports, you win by out-thinking your opponents, dominating territory, and scoring in some way,( coincidence, anticipation, avoidance),e.g. Soccer, Hockey, Badminton etc. · Gymnastic – in this group of sports, you win by producing movements which are performed as perfectly as possible when compared to a pre-set standard (movement replication), which are marked by judges, e.g. gymnastics, trampolining, etc. · Athletic – in this group of sport you win by producing more power than your opponents (power optimisation), e.g. running, jumping, weightlifting, etc. Specific sports in each of the three types can be analysed by investigating their: · Structure ( rules and organisation) · Strategies ( plans made to win) · Techniques · Physical demands of the sport (fitness, energy systems, etc.) · Psychological demands of the sport (skill, anxiety control, goal setting etc.) Sport can provide the basis for a lifelong participation in regular exercise, and the development of mental and moral qualities, including team spirit, sportsmanship, self-discipline, cooperation, commitment, and competing within a framework of agreed rules. Sport can help channel people’s energy and aggression in a controlled and constructive way. The relationship between PE and sport Physical Education (PE) and sport are closely linked. Whilst Physical Education is a part of the process of education that aims to improve human development and performance through physical activity and Sport is about a range of structured physical activities, the two shared close relationship.  Physical education curriculum places great emphasis on sport and team games, in an effort to raise the importance of these in school life. Both are concerned with physical performance and through them health benefits can be gained; there is the opportunity to push oneself physically and discover strengths and weaknesses about oneself when given challenges or competition. However, there are also differences that set the two apart. Physical education is about the development of the individual, whereas sport is about the development of excellence. Sport is often about winning and success while PE is concerned with preparation for leisure and a healthy lifestyle. Most of our great professional sportsmen and women began their development in physical education classes. – Send questions and queries to: [email protected]last_img read more

Calabar open synthetic all-weather track

first_imgCalabar High school’s dominance in the ISSA/GraceKennedy Boys and Girls’ Athletic Championships was given a big boost with the opening and dedication of the first all-weather synthetic track for a secondary institution in the Caribbean.At the ceremony held at the Red Hills Road-based school yesterday, Vincent Lawrence, chairman of the Complex Implementation team announced that a total of $55 million was spent to make the dream a reality.”We are gathered here today (yesterday) to mark this special event where Arthur Wint, Dennis Johnson, Herbert McKenley and others were nurtured (and this) is a dream come true,” Lawrence, who is also a Calabar old boy said.”The dream started in the 1990s and now it is a reality. In 2013 after talks, the old boys had the ground surveyed. The government through the Sports Development Foundation had granted $10 million for several schools towards a sports project,” he shared.”The minister of sports, Natalie Neita-Headley, indicated that the funding from the government would not be enough and the school through its old boys and management team came up with majority of the funds,” he also added.WILL DOMINATE CHAMPSThe project was done by BSW based in Germany with local firm Pavecon Limited as the contractor for the six-lane track.Former Prime Minister P.J. Patterson said that his alma mater will continue to dominate Champs with this historic track.”The track is very welcome and will push our boys more. I hope other schools will follow in order for Jamaica to benefit,” Patterson said.”When you have a facility like this it has to be maintained properly. We are good at building things and not at maintaining,” he added.Patterson also disclosed that GraceKennedy made a contribution of $5 million towards a spectator stand in memory of former athletic administrator Adrian Wallace.The complex will be named after outstanding Jamaican Olympians Herb McKenley and Arthur Wint, who both attended the institution.Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller offered her blessing in officially opening the complex.The inaugural McKenley/Wint track meet will get underway at the facility today, starting at 8:30 a.m.last_img read more

‘Chief’ set for long overdue win

first_imgFormer top-class campaigner COMMANDING CHIEF should score a long overdue win in today’s competitive looking overnight allowance race over 1300 metres to be contested by 13 starters at Caymanas Park.COMMANDING CHIEF last won the grade one Prime Minister’s Stakes in a titanic tussle with PERFECT NEIGHBOUR over 2000 metres on Independence Day 2014 (August 6), and although yet to win another race since, has run some useful races in defeat, even though sparingly raced.When he last competed, in open allowance company on January 23 for new trainer Spencer Chung, the eight-year-old gelding by War Marshall out of She Knows Beau ran a decent race behind the progressive filly LONG RUNNING TRAIN and CAMPESINO over a mile, finishing six lengths sixth after racing prominently in second entering the straight.Having worked well in preparation for today’s encounter and stepping down to overnight company in the process, COMMANDING CHIEF has a glorious chance of reliving past glories.MOST ACCOMPLISHEDHe is easily the most accomplished in the field, following big-race wins in the St Leger and Gold Cup when trained by Everal Francis, and with three-time champion jockey Dane Nelson sticking with the ride, the hint should be taken.Still, it won’t be a walk in the park for the veteran campaigner as he faces some very fit opponents in SHINING LIGHT, MIRACLE STAR, RED FLAG, EDISON and HOVER CRAFT, all ideally suited to the distance.The Wayne DaCosta-trained HOVER CRAFT (Omar Walker up) not only won in grade one company last season, but was second to FRANFIELD in last November’s Superstakes, and with 1300 metres not too sharp for him, is a worthy opponent. The same can be said of the Gary Griffiths-trained SHINING LIGHT, a recent winner who will love every inch of this race.However, COMMANDING CHIEF has never had it this easy in years and thus gets the vote.Other firm fancies on the 10-race programme are SUPERTRONICS (knocking at the door) to go one better in the second race; stable-companion BIG GEORGE to repeat in the third; GOLDEN GLORY in the sixth; down-in-class BOLD AVIATOR in race seven; and the speedy OPTIMUS to finally deliver in the eighth race for maiden four-year-olds and up over 1000 metres round.last_img read more

Timberwolves shock Golden State

first_imgOAKLAND, California (AP):The Golden State Warriors hit an unexpected obstacle on their quest for a record 73 wins, blowing a 17-point lead and losing 124-117 in overtime to the last-place Minnesota Timberwolves on Tuesday night.Shabazz Muhammad scored a career-high 35 points and Andrew Wiggins had 32 as Minnesota prevented Golden State (69-9) from becoming the second team to win 70 games in a season. The Warriors now must win their final four games to break the single-season wins record of 72 set by Chicago in 1995-96.Stephen Curry had a rare off-shooting night as Golden State took their third loss against a team currently in last place in their division.The Warriors had won a record 54 straight regular season games at home before losing to Boston last Friday.At Salt Lake City, Kawhi Leonard made the go-ahead jumper with 4.9 seconds left and scored 18 points as the Spurs beat the Utah Jazz 88-86, giving Tim Duncan a 1,000th victory in the regular season.Duncan became the third player to reach the milestone, following Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Robert Parish.LaMarcus Aldridge and Manu Ginobili each added 14 points in the Spurs’ franchise-record 65th victory and Rodney Hood missed the potential winning three-pointer at the buzzer as Utah fell a half game behind Dallas for seventh place in the Western Conference.At Denver, Russell Westbrook turned his first-half frustration into a milestone night with 13 points, 14 rebounds and 12 assists to become the first player with 17 triple-doubles in a season in 27 years as the Oklahoma City Thunder routed the Nuggets 124-102.Westbrook has the highest total since Magic Johnson had 17 for the Los Angeles Lakers in 1988-89. Westbrook, who had seven in March while winning Western Conference player of the month honours, has 35 in his career, which is second behind LeBron James for most among active players.”It’s a great honour,” Westbrook said. “Whenever you’re mentioned in the same sentence as Magic, it’s always great.”last_img read more

‘If you are late, you will pay’ – Gardner promises to discipline H’View late bugs

first_imgHarbour View’s assistant coach Ricardo ‘Bibi’ Gardner says that the players who recently rejoined the team will be disciplined for staying away too long. With just one win and three losses from their four games in the new Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) season, Gardner is not pleased about the absence of core players during pre-season. “We didn’t have a full squad of players as some were away during the summer. The core players are back, but they have to face discipline,” Gardener disclosed during the RSPL weekly press conference at Red Stripe last Thursday. “We have to start treating football in Jamaica like a job. If players are late, they have to face discipline,” he insisted. Among the players who were away in the summer are captain John-Ross Edwards, Nicholas Beckett, Mark Miller, Hugh Evans, and Evan Taylor. Edwards played in the last game against Arnett Gardens on September 25 at the Anthony Spaulding Complex, where Harbour View went down 1-0. He was substituted in the second half of the game. However, the other senior players are yet to play. “We have players with quality, but it is just to find the right balance moving forward,” the former Jamaica and Bolton Wanderers captain added. Harbour View will next play against Waterhouse in the RSPL tomorrow, starting at 7 p.m. at the Harbour View Stadium. The ‘Stars of the East’ are 10th on three points and in tenth position, while Waterhouse are yet to score a point and are anchored at the bottom in the 12-team league.last_img read more

MVP set to unleash at Western Relays

first_img GREAT COMPETITION FANS in western Jamaica are in for a treat this Saturday when the 39th staging of the Milo Western Relays gets under way at noon inside the Montego Bay Sports Complex as the MVP Track Club and its core of high-power female athletes is expected to put in an impressive performance. Led by double Olympic sprint champion Elaine Thompson and with the likes of Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and Shericka Jackson, who were all individual medallist at the Rio Olympic Games last year, as well as relay medal winners Christania Williams and Stephenie-Ann McPherson, MVP’s women will highlight what should be an exciting outing. Among the females, their clash with the Maurice Wilson-conditioned Sprintec and G.C. Foster College teams will be an interesting one with the talent of Anneisha McLaughlin-Whilby, Jura Levy and Gayon Evans fresh off her 7.14 seconds indoor 60m clocking in Germany last Saturday, more than capable of testing the MVP unit. Like the females, it should be great competition among the males as Julian Forte will lead the charge here for MVP, where strong competition is expected from the University of Technology and Sprintec, which a year ago took bragging rights after dominating the meet. MVP’s team is expected to be boosted by the appearance of Nesta Carter, who will be competing, according to club president Bruce James. Fans will also get a sneak preview of the Gibson-McCook Relays and the ISSA-GraceKennedy Boys and Girls’ Athletics Championships in the female section as three of the most powerful high school teams in this category are set to square off. National champions Edwin Allen, Holmwood Technical and Hydel High should all have fans on their toes in what is expected to be a thriller. Among the males, Kingston College will be well represented and will be hoping for another dominant performance at this meet. Their clash with St Elizabeth Technical in the 4x400m and 4x800m will highlight action among the males. Two outstanding athletes who represented the country at the IAAF World Under-20 Championships in Poland last year, Nigel Ellis, formerly of St Elizabeth Technical, and Shannon Kallawan, formerly of Edwin Allen, will be the 2016 Gleaner Youthlink Awardees, while the patron of the meet will be Stephen Smith, who is the meet organiser of Western Championships and coach at Grange Hill High School. [email protected]last_img read more

WICB names 15-member Women’s WC squad

first_imgST JOHN’S, Antigua (CMC): Selectors have included four newcomers in the West Indies 15-member squad for the ICC Women’s World Cup starting next month in England. Teenaged Trinidadians Reniece Boyce and Felicia Walters, along with Quiana Joseph and Akeira Peters, will join an otherwise experienced unit for the June 24 to July 25 campaign. Stafanie Taylor will lead the squad again. SQUAD: Stafanie Taylor (captain), Merissa Aguilleira, Reniece Boyce, Shamilia Connell, Shanel Daley, Deandra Dottin, Afy Fletcher, Quiana Joseph, Kyshona Knight, Hayley Matthews, Anisa Mohammed, Chedean Nation, Akeira Peters, Shakera Selman, Felicia Walters.last_img read more