Google Chrome Will Get New Feature to Stop JavaScript Based ‘Tab-Napping’ Attacks: Report

first_img– Advertisement – – Advertisement – Google Chrome is getting a new feature that improves security for pages that open in a new tab, says a report. The vulnerability Google is fixing, is a kind of ‘tab-napping’ where a page would be opened in legitimate tab, and your original page would be redirected. The new page would open a legitimate page, but the page you left would still be accessible and would redirect to a malicious page that could harm your computer or be used to phish you for passwords or payment information.A report by Bleeping Computer states that to prevent ‘tab-napping’, a new attribute called rel=”noopener” has been created that stops the newly opened tab from using JavaScript, preventing it from further redirecting user to a different URL.- Advertisement – Last week, Eric Lawrence brought this feature to Chromium which means that it will be added to Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Brave, and other Chromium-based browsers.Which is the best TV under Rs. 25,000? We discussed this on Orbital, our weekly technology podcast, which you can subscribe to via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or RSS, download the episode, or just hit the play button below. As per the report, a note by Microsoft Edge developer Eric Lawrence states, “To mitigate ‘tab-napping’ attacks, in which a new tab/ window opened by a victim context may navigate that opener context, the HTML standard changed to specify that anchors that target_blank should behave as if |rel=”noopener”| is set. A page wishing to opt out of this behavior may set |rel=”opener”|.”The report adds that this feature has been added to Chrome Canary — Chrome’s experimental model primarily for developers — and will make its way to the stable public version by January next year.Back in 2018, Apple and Mozilla made some changes to Safari and Firefox to make links more secure, according to the report. It added a function that automatically added the ‘noopener’ attribute to links that had target=”_blank” in them. Here, the browser automatically secured the URLs that don’t have ‘noopener’ attribute in them.- Advertisement –last_img read more

NIGHTLOCK Original door brace can stand up to serious force » Gadget Flow

first_img– Advertisement – When you install the NIGHTLOCK Original door brace in your home, you’ll feel much safer. That’s because this door barricade can handle a ton of force—so no one unwanted will get in. Door frames and wood trim can shatter if your door is kicked in. And deadbolts and chains can’t always stand up to a break-in. But this home-security device truly protects your entryway doors. Easy to install, this gadget works with doors that have a half-inch clearance, and no more than two inches, between the bottom of the door and the floor. Simply use the two-inch-long screws and plastic anchors to mount it on tile, marble, or concrete. Incredibly strong, this product is made of solid, extruded 6000 series structural aluminum. And this door brace comes in Bright Brass, Brushed Nickel, or Dark Bronze finishes for a stylish look in your home.last_img read more

Best yoga gadgets and accessories for your morning workout » Gadget Flow

first_imgLooking for a way to improve your yoga practice? You’re in luck. Sunday’s Daily Digest is all about the best gadgets and accessories for your morning workout. Check out these gadgets for some great ideas on how to achieve deep relaxation and start your day with a healthy body and mind.A morning yoga routine is a great way to start your day. Whether you hold a few tranquil poses at the end of a heart-pounding workout or do a full stretch-and-hold routine before work, yoga can help relieve stress and improve focus.And to go along with your wellness routine, Sunday’s Daily Digest highlights our best yoga gadgets and accessories for your workout. There’s an extra-wide yoga mat printed with stretching exercises. Or maybe you’d rather go for a pair of these eco-friendly leggings that use 86% recycled materials. Have a look at this blog for yoga products that elevate your morning workout.Peloton Bike+ Home Exercise Bicycle- Advertisement – Gypsy Jet Setter Foldable Yoga Mat – Advertisement – Zero Gravity Zen Bean Bag Muse 2 Meditation HeadbandThe Muse 2 Meditation Headband monitors your breathing technique. It also gives you real-time feedback about your meditation practice, including your brain activity, body movements, breathing technique, and heart rate.Full Modern Meditation CushionThe Full Modern Meditation Cushion is on our roundup of best yoga gadgets and accessories because it lets you meditate in any location. It has a unique triangle shape that provides the ideal support when you’re sitting in a cross-legged position. Gypsy Jet Setter Foldable Yoga MatGypsy Jet Setter foldable yoga mat during a beach yoga practice HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket V3  Bala Bangles Wearable Yoga Weights Full Modern Meditation Cushion Lauren has been writing and editing since 2008. She loves working with text and helping writers find their voice. When she’s not typing away at her computer, she cooks and travels with her husband and two daughters. Gypsy Jet Setter Foldable Yoga MatThe Gypsy Jet Setter Foldable Yoga Mat lets you practice yoga in any location. It has an anti-slip top layer, so you won’t have to worry about slipping. There’s also an absorbent middle layer if you get sweaty while you practice. The sponge padding makes this mat ideal for hard surfaces. Zero Gravity Zen Bean BagZero Gravity Zen Bean Bag with a woman meditating IHigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket V3  Nadi X Smart Yoga Pants Core Meditation TrainerThe Core Meditation Trainer helps you track your meditation history. Featuring beautiful rosewood and a spherical design, this meditation aid helps you connect with the natural world. It also has a built-in ECG sensor. Mr. Lentz Leather Yoga Mat StrapMr. Lentz Leather Yoga Mat Strap with a yoga mat First up on our roundup of best yoga gadgets and accessories is the Peloton Bike+ Home Exercise Bicycle. This bicycle lets you cycle, stretch, do yoga, and meditate. And watching all the classes is easy with the 23.8-inch HD rotating touchscreen.Zero Gravity Zen Bean BagThe Zero Gravity Zen Bean Bag helps you relieve stress. Positioning you at a perfect 130-degree angle with your legs elevated above the heart, this bean bag chair was inspired by NASA. It helps improve blood flow and increase lung capacity. Yogacycled Eco-Friendly Yoga Leggings Core Meditation Trainer Full Modern Meditation CushionFull modern meditation cushion with a mad meditating Mr. Lentz Leather Yoga Mat Strap Mr. Lentz Leather Yoga Mat Strap INSPIRATION  Oversized & Instructional Mat Bala Bangles Wearable Yoga WeightsThe Bala Bangles Wearable Yoga Weights allow you to build muscle while you hold those balanced poses. The bracelets feature cast iron for durability. They also give you an unlimited range of motion. Core Meditation TrainerCore meditation trainer during meditation Nadi X Smart Yoga PantsNadi X Smart Yoga Pants during a mountain yoga practice Yogacycled Eco-Friendly Yoga Leggings Yogacycled Eco-Friendly Yoga LeggingsThe Yogacycled Eco-Friendly Yoga Leggings are another great item on this list of our best yoga gadgets and accessories. These leggings feature 86% recycled materials. What’s more, these yoga pants are super-comfortable, making them ideal for any pose. Gypsy Jet Setter Foldable Yoga Mat Full Modern Meditation Cushion The INSPIRATION  Oversized & Instructional Mat is another great way to relax. Printed with 60 stretching exercises, this mat eliminates the need to look at a device while you do yoga. Plus, at 72 inches long and 39 inches wide, it’s definitely a bigger mat than you’re used to. IHigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket V3 HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket V3 in use The Gadget Flow Daily Digest highlights and explores the latest intech trends to keep you informed. Want it straight to your inbox?Subscribe ➜ Bala Bangles Wearable Yoga WeightsBala Bangles wearable yoga weights on a beach Yogacycled Eco-Friendly Yoga LeggingsYogacycled eco-friendly yoga leggings during an outdoor yoga routine INSPIRATION  Oversized & Instructional Mat INSPIRATION  Oversized & Instructional Mat- Advertisement – – Advertisement – Mr. Lentz Leather Yoga Mat StrapThe Mr. Lentz Leather Yoga Mat Strap is a beautiful leather accessory that keeps your yoga mat nice and tidy. The endless loop cinches tight to any size and is handmade using full-grain vegetable-tanned leather and solid brass buckles. This strap also comes with a tin of leather conditioner to maintain its look. Nadi X Smart Yoga PantsThe Nadi X Smart Yoga Pants help you improve your yoga practice. With Bluetooth connectivity, the pants actually pair with the Nadi X iOS app to aid you through a session. Also, the app comes with a library of poses and a coach who gives you instructions along the way. Core Meditation Trainer INSPIRATION  Oversized & Instructional MatINSPIRATION  oversized & instructional Mat on the floor Zero Gravity Zen Bean Bag Moon Phases Yoga MatThe Moon Phases Yoga Mat made our list of best yoga gadgets and accessories because it makes a tranquil addition to any yoga routine. Inspired by the night sky and mood cycles, it is made of high-quality, non-slip material.Moon Phases Yoga MatMoon Phases yoga mat on a wooden flooringIt’s easy to get into a calm state of mind when you have any of these best yoga gadgets and accessories. What gadgets do you use to get even more benefits from your yoga routine? Let us know in the comments.Want more tech news, reviews, and guides from Gadget Flow? Follow us on Google News, Feedly, and Flipboard. If you’re using Flipboard, you should definitely check out our Curated Stories. We publish three new stories every day, so make sure to follow us to stay updated! Nadi X Smart Yoga Pants HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket V3Another of our best yoga and accessories is the HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket V3. This gadget is a great way to relax even more after your yoga routine. Just lay inside, and you’ll get all the benefits of the sauna right at home. Best yoga gadgets and accessories for your morning workoutlast_img read more

COVID-19 is rising in Michigan, but Trump adviser thinks the real danger is in public health efforts

first_imgIn May, Trump tweeted “LIBERATE MICHIGAN” as armed protesters rallied against public health restrictions outside the state capital. In October, charges were announced against a group of domestic terrorists plotting to kidnap Whitmer. Weeks after those charges, Trump said of the plot, “People are entitled to say maybe it was a problem, maybe it wasn’t.” But sure, Atlas was talking about peaceful protest. ”We know that the White House likes to single us out here in Michigan, me out in particular. I’m not going to be bullied into not following reputable scientists and medical professionals,” Whitmer said on CNN Sunday. That means following the advice of scientists with the relevant training in epidemiology and public health, “people that actually have studied and are well respected worldwide on these issues, not the—not the individual that is doing the President’s bidding on this one.”But while Whitmer won’t be bullied, in a Monday morning MSNBC appearance she said the tweet “actually took my breath away, to tell you the truth.” Whitmer has previously written about how “Every time the president ramps up this violent rhetoric, every time he fires up Twitter to launch another broadside against me, my family and I see a surge of vicious attacks sent our way.”- Advertisement – That’s the context in which Scott Atlas, unqualified White House coronavirus adviser, called for people to “rise up” against basic public health precautions. Either he knew exactly what he was doing there or he was following Trump’s dangerous, divisive lead without giving it a second thought. Either way, Atlas showed himself to be doubly dangerous and unfit to advise on this pandemic. After many many people pointed out how dangerous this message was, Atlas tried to walk it back.“Hey. I NEVER was talking at all about violence,” he protested in a follow-up tweet. “People vote, people peacefully protest. NEVER would I endorse or incite violence. NEVER!!”- Advertisement –center_img – Advertisement –last_img read more

Homebuilder confidence in November shatters previous month’s record

first_img– Advertisement – “Historically low mortgage rates, favorable demographics and an ongoing suburban shift for home buyer preferences have spurred demand and increased new home sales by nearly 17% in 2020 on a year-to-date basis,” said NAHB Chairman Chuck Fowke, a custom homebuilder from Tampa, Florida. “Though builders continue to sign sales contracts at a solid pace, lot and material availability is holding back some building activity. Looking ahead to next year, regulatory policy risk will be a key concern given these supply-side constraints.”Of the index’s three components, current sales conditions rose 6 points to 96. Sales expectations in the next six months increased 1 point to 89 and buyer traffic rose 3 points to 77.The NAHB noted that 69% of the responses for the November survey were received before the election for president was called by the media on Nov. 7. The election results, therefore, and their impact on builder sentiment, will be reflected more fully in December’s HMI report.- Advertisement – The nation’s homebuilders have been benefiting from a very low supply of existing homes for sale, as well as a newfound consumer desire to live out in the suburbs. The stay-at-home culture of the pandemic means buyers want not just more space, but specific spaces for working, schooling and exercising at home. They also want more outdoor space. The unexpected surge in demand caught builders off guard early on, and they are now dealing with supply chain issues that are increasing costs.“Another record high for the HMI reflects that housing is a bright spot for the economy,” said the NAHB’s chief economist, Robert Dietz. “However, affordability remains an ongoing concern, as construction costs continue to rise and interest rates are expected to move higher as more positive news emerges on the coronavirus vaccine front.”Regionally, on a three-month moving average, homebuilder sentiment in the Northeast increased 2 points to 83. In the Midwest it jumped 6 points to 80. In the South it rose 4 points to 86, and in the West it climbed 4 points to 94. A contractor carries wood studs while building a home in Park City, Utah, U.S., on Friday, Aug. 14, 2020.George Frey | Bloomberg | Getty Imagescenter_img – Advertisement – The nation’s homebuilders have never been this happy.In November, builder confidence in the construction market for single-family homes soared to its third record high in as many months.Overall builder sentiment hit 90 on the monthly National Association of Home Builders’ Wells Fargo Housing Market Index. Anything above 50 is considered positive. Last November, the index stood at 71. At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, in April, builder confidence plummeted to 30. Buyer demand has been incredibly and unexpectedly strong since then.- Advertisement –last_img read more

WHO cites barriers to halting Marburg outbreak in Angola

first_img In view of its experience in fighting Ebola fever, the WHO said it is still confident that the Marburg outbreak can be controlled. However, “the implementation of effective control measures faces several significant challenges, some of which may be unique to this outbreak.” “The outbreak in Angola is not only the largest on record, with the highest fatality, but is also the first to occur in an urban setting,” the statement said. The WHO said the epidemic, now significantly larger than the worst previous Marburg outbreak, is the first in an urban setting. Fighting the disease is difficult, the agency said, because Angola has a very weak health infrastructure, poor communication and transportation systems, and an impoverished population. Apr 7, 2005 (CIDRAP News) – As the record-setting outbreak of deadly Marburg hemorrhagic fever in Angola continued to grow, the World Health Organization (WHO) said yesterday that the legacy of a decades-long civil war poses major challenges to containment efforts. The agency said containment efforts depend on good communication and transportation systems, which don’t exist in Angola. To make matters worse, hundreds of thousands of landmines are believed to remain in the country, necessitating air transport of staff and equipment. See also: More than 30 international experts, most of them from the WHO, CDC, and MSF, have flown to Angola since the disease first broke out last October, AFP reported. Most have gone to Uige, about 180 miles north of Luanda. MSF officials told AFP that isolation wards were operating in both Uige and Luanda. Further, the disease causes great fear, which may cause people to flee to other areas, fanning the spread of the outbreak, the WHO said. “In Uige, there is some evidence of a reluctance to seek treatment or remain under care in hospitals. Efforts are urgently needed to strengthen the hospital system, restore public confidence, and thus improve compliance with control measures.” Luanda’s health director said laboratories now operating in Angola make it possible to diagnose the disease in 2 days, instead of the 3 weeks it took previously to send samples to the CDC and get word back, according to the story. The WHO said Angolan officials put the size of the outbreak as of Apr 5 at 181 cases, 156 of them fatal, with the northern city of Uige still the epicenter. An Agence-France Presse (AFP) story published yesterday reported 159 deaths. Earlier reports said about 75% of patients were children under the age of 5, but the proportion of adults has been increasing recently, the WHO said.center_img A key goal of the containment effort is to prevent the disease from gaining a foothold in “densely populated urban or peri-urban parts of the country,” the WHO said. “For example, Uige, which is presently the epicentre of the outbreak, has around 500,000 inhabitants, but Luanda [the capital], where some cases have been reported, has a population close to 3 million. Response capacity in Luanda is being strengthened by the Ministry of Health, and WHO is increasing the number of international staff there as a support.” Yesterday Angola’s national assembly passed a resolution asking President Eduardo dos Santos’s government for rapid measures to combat the outbreak, according to the AFP report. The story said dos Santos created an emergency commission led by the interior minister to deal with the disease. The largest previous Marburg outbreak caused 149 cases with 123 deaths in the Democratic Republic of the Congo between 1998 and 2000. That outbreak “was confined to two sparsely populated villages in an isolated corner of the country, caused sporadic cases with small chains of transmission over two years, and never reached the intensity of transmission seen in just the past few weeks in Angola,” the WHO said. There is no vaccine or cure for Marburg fever, which is clinically very similar to Ebola fever. The illness features severe headache and malaise, high fever, severe diarrhea, abdominal pain and cramping, nausea, and vomiting, among other symptoms. Many patients have bleeding in the gastrointestinal system and at other sites starting about 5 days into the illness, according to the WHO. In fatal cases, death usually occurs after 8 or 9 days. The virus spreads through contact with bodily fluids of infected people. WHO fact sheet on Marburg hemorrhagic fever Apr 6 WHO update A week ago officials said 12 healthcare workers were among those infected. The WHO said those cases “point to the need to greatly increase supplies of protective equipment for front-line workers,” particularly in Uige and Luanda. The agency said it had sent three shipments of equipment, with more on the way, and supplies are also coming from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Medicines sans Frontieres (MSF), and UNICEF. But supplies still fall short of the need. It continued, “Almost three decades of civil unrest have left Angola with a severely weakened health infrastructure, a hospital system in dire need of basic equipment and supplies, inadequate communication and transportation systems, and a population weakened by economic hardship. These weaknesses hamper containment efforts, which depend on active surveillance for cases, rapid detection and isolation in specially designated and equipped facilities, and rapid tracing of contacts.”last_img read more

Avian flu reported in Turkey, suspected in Romania

first_imgOct 10, 2005 (CIDRAP News) – Avian flu extended its reach into new territory by spreading to Turkey and possibly Romania in the past week, while Indonesians face another suspected human case of H5N1 flu and allegations of vaccine-related fraud.An outbreak in turkeys has resulted in 1,700 deaths from disease and 100 deaths from culling near Balikesir in northwestern Turkey, according to a report submitted yesterday by Dr. Nihat Pakil, with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in Ankara, to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE). The virus has been typed as H5, but the neuraminidase subtype (N number) hasn’t yet been determined.This is the first outbreak of highly pathogenic avian flu ever reported in Turkey, according to the OIE.Military police set up roadblocks outside the village near Balikesir and were checking incoming and outbound vehicles, the Associated Press (AP) reported today. In addition, officials ordered all birds and “street dogs” in the affected village to be destroyed as a precaution, according to the story. Farmers are to be compensated for lost poultry.Despite concerns and repeated testing more than a year ago in Thailand, there has been no evidence to date of dogs becoming infected with H5N1.The farmer with the sick birds told the Anatolia news agency on Oct 8 that he hadn’t yet been checked for avian flu and was afraid to be near his family.In the same region, Romania has notified OIE of its first possible avian flu outbreak since 1942, although the pathogen remains in doubt. An outbreak occurred on one farm in Ceamurlia-de-Jos in Tulcea County, in eastern Romania near the Black Sea. The report to OIE said 52 laying hens and 48 ducks were dead. Of those, 36 died of disease and 64 were destroyed. The Oct 7 report said Romania plans to control wildlife reservoirs but didn’t describe how.Dead birds were first found in Ceamurlia-de-Jos late in September, Romanian officials told the AP, according to a Guardian newspaper story published online Oct 8.However, British authorities announced today that preliminary tests in Romania were negative for any avian flu viruses, according to the online edition of the British newspaper The Mirror. A European Union team was en route to Romania to conduct more tests, the story added.In Indonesia, a 4-year-old boy from Lampung, Sumatra, has tested positive for H5N1 infection in preliminary tests, according to a Reuters story yesterday. Samples from the boy—who remained in a hospital in Lampung but appeared to be suffering only a cough—were to be tested in a World Health Organization (WHO) reference laboratory in Hong Kong.If the case is confirmed as H5N1, it would be Indonesia’s sixth WHO-recognized case. The WHO today announced it had confirmed Indonesia’s fifth case, that of a 21-year-old man, also from Lampung, who was hospitalized Sep 24. His case was reported by the media last week.The man had been exposed to sick and dying chickens before falling ill on Sep 20, the WHO said. He remained in the hospital in stable condition. Three of Indonesia’s five WHO-confirmed H5N1 patients have died.The Indonesian government said another six suspected avian flu patients were in a hospital in Jakarta, Reuters noted.Signs of fraud in the production of Indonesia’s H5N1 poultry vaccine have forced officials to test doses to see if they were properly prepared, according to an Agence France-Presse (AFP) story picked up by The Jakarta Post today.Government auditors have accused Indonesian vaccine makers of colluding with government officials to produce low-quality doses to boost profits, the AFP reported. The agriculture ministry is testing the vaccines still in stock to see if those doses meet minimum standards.The agriculture minister, Anton Apriyantono, told AFP that tests last year in Java showed the vaccine’s protection level was from 11.8% to 28%.A spokesman for the ministry said the testing would be a gradual process because laboratory capacity is limited.”We will gradually test samples and decide which vaccine can continue to be used and which [will] have to be withdrawn from circulation,” spokesman Syamsul Bahri told AFP.See also:WHO confirmation of Indonesian case to OIE of avian flu in Romania read more

China reports new H5N1 case

first_imgFeb 2, 2009 (CIDRAP News) – China’s health ministry recently revealed that a 21-year-old woman from Hunan province is hospitalized with an H5N1 avian influenza infection, the country’s seventh case so far this year, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported today.The woman got sick on Jan 23 and remains in the hospital in stable condition. Her illness raises China’s H5N1 case count to 38 cases, 25 of them fatal, according to the WHO. The woman is being treated at a hospital in Changsha, Hunan’s capital, according to a report today from Xinhua, China’s state news agency. Hunan province is in south central China.An investigation into the source of the woman’s illnesses suggests she may have been exposed to sick and dead poultry, according to the WHO. The woman was a farmer who had been in contact with diseased and dead poultry, according to the Xinhua report.Meanwhile, a 29-year-old man from Guizhou province in southwestern China who was diagnosed with an H5N1 infection last month is in stable condition, according to another report today from Xinhua.Sun Zhaolin, head of Guizhou Provincial People’s Hospital, told the news agency that the hospital received treatment guidance from China’s health ministry and that, though the man is out of danger, he remains under medical observation.Of China’s seven H5N1 cases that have been recorded this year, four have died. This total does not include a woman who got sick on Dec 24, 2008, and died on Jan 5; the WHO counts the woman as a 2008 case because of her illness-onset date.See also:Feb 2 WHO statementlast_img read more

An initiative has been launched to hold Tourism Days in Slavonia next year!

first_imgThe Days of Croatian Tourism will be held in October this year in Mali Lošinj, organized by the Ministry of Tourism, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Croatian Tourist Board.At the traditional meeting of tourism workers, which brings together more than a thousand participants, this year will be held the awarding of tourism prizes to individuals, representatives of the tourism industry and the best destinations. “Days of Croatian tourism have been held in various Croatian destinations for many years, so in the past few years the largest Croatian tourist gathering hosted Bol on the islands of Brač, Poreč, Opatija, Zadar, Dubrovnik, Šibenik and Rovinj. In the spirit of continuing to hold the Days of Croatian Tourism every year in another destination, but also to continue to encourage tourism on Croatian islands, this year the Days of Croatian Tourism will be held on the island of Losinj – the town of Mali Losinj. “Points out the Minister of Tourism Cappelli.Days of Croatian tourism since 2008 have been held in the following destinations: Opatija, Bol, Rovinj, Šibenik, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Opatija, Poreč, Bol and this year in Mali Lošinj. Interestingly, in Bol and Opatija even twice.Initiative to hold the 12th Days of Croatian Tourism in 2018 in Slavonia #DariTurizmaSlavonija2018Until today, the Days of Tourism have been held exclusively in coastal Croatia. I wonder why they never took place in continental Croatia or Slavonia? For example, in Osijek, Požega, Vinkovci or Vukovar? Purely declarative as some support for continental tourism.That is why I hereby launch an initiative to hold Tourism Days 2018 in Slavonia. Currently, there is a wider support of the tourism profession for the Day of Tourism in Slavonia, but before that I was interested in the opinion of the Minister of Tourism on the Day of Tourism in Slavonia, who emphasizes the idea, and how the development of continental tourism is one of his main goals. “The development of the Croatian continent is one of the priorities of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, and the development of continental tourism is one of my main goals in the mandate. For this reason, I support your initiative to hold the Days of Croatian Tourism in the future in one of the continental destinations, which would certainly further stimulate the continent and valuable stakeholders in tourism in the Croatian continent. When choosing a destination, one should take into account the accommodation possibilities and the size of the available halls for such a large gathering, which gathers over 1000 participants every year.. ”Points out Minister Cappelli.Certainly, there is no hotel in Slavonia that can accommodate about 1.000 participants at a time, but every problem has a solution. As the “campaign” will last throughout the year, I will soon propose my proposals for solving this problem, as well as some other ideas and loud thoughts of other tourism workers. Two heads are always smarter than one, and I hereby invite you to propose your ideas as well as your vision of how to best use the situation to better promote and position Slavonia as a tourist destination.The initiative has been launched, it is now up to you, and especially to the tourist workers in Slavonia, to support it in their own way and to finally show the synergy of all tourist destinations in Slavonia. It’s all up to the people, it’s all up to you.More information soon #DariTurizmaSlavonija2018Related news:SELIMIR OGNJENOVIĆ: “TO CROATIA’S MOST BEAUTIFUL SECRET ”I WANT TO EXPRESS SUPPORT WITH ALL MY HEART TO HOST THE DAYS OF CROATIAN TOURISM 2018NEDO PINEZIĆ: “DHT 2018 IN SLAVONIA” TESTS THE SERIOUSNESS AND CREDIBILITY OF ALL POLITICIANS AND POLITICAL ACTORS WHO HAVE EVER ANNOUNCED SUPPORT PROGRAMS FOR CROATIANRANKO FILIPOVIC, HUPKT: WE ALL WANT TO HELP THE INITIATIVE BE REALIZED AND FOR TOURIST EMPLOYEES TO COME TO SLAVONIA AND FEEL ITS WEALTHlast_img read more

Ivana Matušan, TZ Rab: Investments of 110 million kuna this year will be a real boost to the destination

first_imgThe tourist pre-season traditionally begins with the celebration of Easter, and Rab can boast of about 2000 nights after the holidays, which is a very good result since only one hotel has been opened in the town of Rab, while the other two in the inner city are being renovated.”During the month of May, other city hotels will open their doors and it is to be expected that the city of Rab will achieve excellent results this pre-season as well. Hotel Padova, which was opened, was completely filled with an overbooking situation, and private renters are also satisfied. This Easter (Friday – Monday), there were about 2000 overnight stays, and the most numerous Rab tourists were Germans, Croats, Austrians, Italians and Hungarians. Overall, it can be said that the organization of the Easter program of the Rab Tourist Board, POU Rab and the City of Rab succeeded, and the event “Easter on Rab” will certainly become a tradition.”, Points out the director of the Tourist Board of the city of Rab, Ivana Matušan.After the holidays, guests of Rab can expect various entertainment programs from April to October, many of which attract more and more domestic and foreign tourists of all profiles and interests. Last year, Rab recorded another record season with 1.315.314 overnight stays from January 1 to September 15 (6% more than the year before), while the most famous events such as Kantun and Rab Fair gathered more than 30 thousand visitors.This year’s post-Easter events start on April 12, when the second stage of the Mitas 4 Islands bike race begins on the island of Rab. The Second Rab Rose Festival follows, followed by a festival of flowers and flower performances from April 24 to 27. We traditionally ride the humanitarian bike race “Rab the bike and ride for Pinocchio”, and we end the month with the final asparagus festival on April 28. Gourmets will be attracted to the Island Lamb Festival in May, especially its finale on May 25, where lamb delicacies in cauldrons will be prepared under the watchful eye of the famous chef Tomislav Špiček. The peak of the season is reserved for popular cultural and entertainment events such as Kantun, the tournament of the Association of Rab Crossbowmen, the Rab Jazz Festival and the inevitable Rab Fair. “This year, in addition to the already well-known and well-attended events, we will offer our guests some new events such as the bike race “BIG 4″, and we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the signing of the charter of friendship with the castle of San Marino. The City of Rab and the Tourist Board in cooperation with local hotel companies every year invest in raising the quantity and quality of island events, trying to offer guests the best of Rab not only in the height of the tourist season, but also in other months.”, Concludes Ivana Matušan.With investments of almost 110 million kuna, Rab is preparing for the new seasonWith infrastructure investments of almost 110 million kuna, Rab is entering a new tourist season. Hotels and public areas are being arranged, and work is being done on a better connection with the mainland.In the pre- and post-season, Rab is an ideal weekend destination for many, and for good statistics of the greenest island of Kvarner, the connection with the mainland is certainly significant. The new ferry, aptly named “Four Bell Towers”, which, in addition to being a valuable investment for Rab Shipping, is also of great importance for the island of Rab, will further contribute to this. The investment worth more than 58 million kuna will significantly affect the quality of life on Rab as well as the development of the destination. The people of Rab and guests will enter the new tourist season with the renovated Donja Street. This is an investment worth about four million kuna, which covers funds from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the budget of the Republic of Croatia and the City of Rab.In order to further increase the number of accommodation capacities, improve the quality of accommodation and the tourist offer in general, works are underway on the expansion and repositioning of two Rab hotels. The Arbiana tourist facility will thus completely renovate the existing accommodation units and form new ones in order for the entire facility to achieve maximum energy efficiency. The Grand Hotel Imperial is also being renovated and will be reserved for adults after the new investment, with a larger number of accommodation units and new facilities for guests. “Rab is a quality destination that is in progress with all newspapers, but does not follow them blindly, but only implements what it needs and in accordance with the existing ones. As an increasingly popular destination, Rab needed a new ferry with a larger capacity as well as additional accommodation units. I am sure that this investment will be a real boost to the destination”, Said the director of the Tourist Board of the City of Rab, Ivana Matušan.Also, perhaps the biggest news is the arrival of Valamar on the island of Rab, which recently took over the largest hotel on Rab, Imperial DD, and whose resources will certainly raise the entire destination, both by raising the quality of accommodation, and thus destinations, by generating new content , know-how and through promotion through its strong network and presence in the European market.Related news: VALAMAR’S OFFER FOR TAKING OVER THE IMPERIAL RAB ACCEPTED!</p>
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