MVP set to unleash at Western Relays

first_img GREAT COMPETITION FANS in western Jamaica are in for a treat this Saturday when the 39th staging of the Milo Western Relays gets under way at noon inside the Montego Bay Sports Complex as the MVP Track Club and its core of high-power female athletes is expected to put in an impressive performance. Led by double Olympic sprint champion Elaine Thompson and with the likes of Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and Shericka Jackson, who were all individual medallist at the Rio Olympic Games last year, as well as relay medal winners Christania Williams and Stephenie-Ann McPherson, MVP’s women will highlight what should be an exciting outing. Among the females, their clash with the Maurice Wilson-conditioned Sprintec and G.C. Foster College teams will be an interesting one with the talent of Anneisha McLaughlin-Whilby, Jura Levy and Gayon Evans fresh off her 7.14 seconds indoor 60m clocking in Germany last Saturday, more than capable of testing the MVP unit. Like the females, it should be great competition among the males as Julian Forte will lead the charge here for MVP, where strong competition is expected from the University of Technology and Sprintec, which a year ago took bragging rights after dominating the meet. MVP’s team is expected to be boosted by the appearance of Nesta Carter, who will be competing, according to club president Bruce James. Fans will also get a sneak preview of the Gibson-McCook Relays and the ISSA-GraceKennedy Boys and Girls’ Athletics Championships in the female section as three of the most powerful high school teams in this category are set to square off. National champions Edwin Allen, Holmwood Technical and Hydel High should all have fans on their toes in what is expected to be a thriller. Among the males, Kingston College will be well represented and will be hoping for another dominant performance at this meet. Their clash with St Elizabeth Technical in the 4x400m and 4x800m will highlight action among the males. Two outstanding athletes who represented the country at the IAAF World Under-20 Championships in Poland last year, Nigel Ellis, formerly of St Elizabeth Technical, and Shannon Kallawan, formerly of Edwin Allen, will be the 2016 Gleaner Youthlink Awardees, while the patron of the meet will be Stephen Smith, who is the meet organiser of Western Championships and coach at Grange Hill High School. [email protected]last_img read more

Man City and Man United on alert as Alves prepares for Barcelona exit

first_img Dani Alves 1 The agent of Manchester City and Manchester United target Dani Alves has revealed that she does not expect her client to sign a new deal with Barcelona.Alves has under a year to run on his current contract, meaning he would be able to leave the Catalan giants on a free next summer.The Brazil international has made over 300 appearances during his time at Barca and won 16 major honours, but his time at the Nou Camp now appears to be at an end.His representative, Dinah Santana, told TMW: “If the club [Barcelona] wanted to renew Alves they would have done it already.“I would not do things the way they have. We will leave the suitors until December or January… then we’ll decide who to marry.”last_img read more

Venezuela military on alert after Trump threat

first_imgVenezuelan defense minister Vladimir Padrino © gestures as he delivers a speech surrounded by military men at the Defense Ministry building, in Fuerte Tiuna complex, in Caracas, on 19 February. Photo: AFPVenezuela’s military said Tuesday it was on “alert” at its frontiers following threats by US president Donald Trump and ordered its border with Curacao closed ahead of a planned aid shipment.Opposition leader and self-declared interim president Juan Guaido vowed to bring aid in from various points Saturday “one way or another” despite military efforts to block it.But commanders doubled down on their allegiance to President Nicolas Maduro after Trump warned them to abandon him.“The armed forces will remain deployed and on alert along the borders… to avoid any violations of territorial integrity,” said defense minister Vladimir Padrino.Regional commander Vladimir Quintero later confirmed media reports that Venezuela had ordered the suspension of air and sea links with Curacao and the neighboring Netherlands Antilles islands of Aruba and Bonaire.Shipments of food and medicine for Venezuelans suffering in the country’s economic crisis have become a focus of the power struggle between Maduro and Guaido.Aid is being stored in Colombia near the Venezuelan border and Guaido aims also to bring in consignments via Brazil and Curacao.A Brazilian presidential spokesman said the country was cooperating with the United States to supply aid to Venezuela but would leave it to Venezuelans to take the goods over the border.Maduro says the aid plan is a smokescreen for a US invasion. He blames US sanctions and “economic war” for Venezuela’s crisis.No safe harborGuaido, the 35-year-old leader of the Venezuelan legislature, has appealed to military leaders to switch allegiance to him and let the aid through.He has offered military commanders an amnesty if they abandon Maduro.But the military high command has so far maintained its public backing for Maduro—seen as key to keeping him in power.“We reiterate unrestrictedly our obedience, subordination and loyalty” to Maduro, Padrino said.Guaido posted a series of tweets calling by name on senior military leaders commanding border posts to abandon Maduro.He has branded Maduro illegitimate, saying the elections that returned the socialist leader to power last year were fixed.The United States and some 50 other countries back Guaido as interim president.Trump has refused to rule out US military action in Venezuela. He raised the pressure on Monday, issuing a warning to the Venezuelan military.He told them that if they continue to support Maduro, “you will find no safe harbor, no easy exit and no way out. You will lose everything.”Padrino rejected Trump’s threat, branding the US president “arrogant.”If foreign powers try to help install a new government by force, they will have to do so “over our dead bodies,” Padrino said.Pack of liesDespite sitting on the world’s biggest oil reserves, Venezuela is gripped by a humanitarian crisis, with a shortage of food and medicine.It has suffered four years of recession marked by hyperinflation that the International Monetary Fund says will reach 10 million percent this year.An estimated 2.3 million Venezuelans have left the country since 2015.Guaido says 300,000 people face death without the aid but Maduro denies there is a humanitarian crisis.Padrino said the military would not be “blackmailed” by “a pack of lies and manipulations.”Maduro said that 300 tonnes of Russian aid would reach Venezuela on Wednesday. He previously announced the arrival of goods from China, Cuba and Russia, his main international allies.In a series of tweets, Guaido urged supporters to write to the generals “from the heart, with arguments, without violence, without insults,” to win them over.Battle of the bandsGuaido says he has enlisted the support of 700,000 people to help bring in the aid on Saturday and is aiming for a million in total.He thanked Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain for pledging “more than $18 million for the humanitarian aid.”British entrepreneur Richard Branson said he will hold a pro-aid concert just over the border in Colombia on Friday.British rock star Peter Gabriel and Colombian pop singer Carlos Vives are among those scheduled to perform.Former Pink Floyd singer Roger Waters weighed in on Maduro’s side in a video broadcast on Venezuelan state media, criticizing Branson and Gabriel and said the aid was being politicized.Maduro’s government plans to stage a rival concert on its side of the border.last_img read more

Hey James Damore Your Beliefs About Women in Tech Are Nothing Like

first_img Listen Now Problem Solvers with Jason Feifer Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Upon reading James Damore’s Google Memo, I was inspired to respond to his words by pairing my personal experience with facts defying his stance. The following is my retort to his divisive words. I grew up in a very patriarchal society, and had gotten used to hearing that boys and girls were different. Despite that, my mother was the entrepreneur in the family and was always the one who drove our household earnings. She was the rock of the house, tenacious and extremely smart. There were a lot of struggles that our immigrant family went through, and she pulled us out of every one of them.And yet, from her own mouth I would hear how boys can do this, and girls can’t do that. She was a walking contradiction. The societal message that was so deeply ingrained in her psyche made her impart these false distinctions onto her own daughter.This dichotomy is what led me on my journey to understand and ultimately shrug off the message. It was a big shrug, but it could only be done as a shrug because as a minority woman, I was not allowed to rage or be aggressive. That shrug was the only way to succeed in a tech career as a woman. Instead, I had to silently toil, often working 80 hours a week during my earlier days at Palm. I would toil away even after all the lights in the office had been turned off, because I had to prove to everyone that I deserved to be there.James, how often have you been the last one in your large office?Over the years, I would pull all-nighters while shrugging off advances, unwanted kisses, hugs and lap dances, sometimes bought for me by my boss as he watched. Shrug. I didn’t complain the next day, but yucked it up with my boss and went to our client meetings.  James, have you ever been mortified by your boss and had to pretend to enjoy it?You said women don’t take stressful jobs because we’re not biologically inclined, but do you think you can handle the stress of working in these conditions? Women have to deal with an entirely different level of stress. The fact is that women are physiologically better at coping with stress.Related: That Infamous Google Memo Says Plenty About What’s Wrong With Tech and Why It’s So Hard to Talk AboutIn light of all the stories coming out of Silicon Valley, I realize my story not only isn’t unique, it’s the norm that women in tech have become so very used to. That is why when I read your memo I found it so personally hurtful and enraging. Your memo perpetuates the myth that women always play the victim, when so many of us could never afford the luxury of complaining. Keeping silent was the unwritten rule to succeed in a male-dominated industry.You think that the advancement in Human Resource (HR) process to promote women and minorities creates favorable situations towards women, but let’s look at why those HR processes were created in the first place. In an article earlier this year, Adrianne LaFrance at the Atlantic explored the obvious societal biases towards women even pondering the notion of learning engineering:“We do not permit women to register in the Engineering School under present regulations,” wrote William Mott, the dean of the Carnegie Institute of Technology, in 1919. The article goes on to cite numerous letters collected by the Society of Women Engineers, all with a similar tone of dismay that women could be/would be interested in engineering because they believe, as you do, that women are too biologically different. However, it is statements like this that discouraged women:“In reply to your recent communication, I would state that we have not now, have never had, and do not expect to have in the near future, any women students registered in our engineering department,” wrote a professor at University of North Carolina.Related: Google Has Fired the Writer of the 3,000-Word Viral Memo That’s Gripping the CompanyDespite all these societal and historical biases, women in engineering grew from the 1960s to the 1980s, so let’s drop this fallacy that women are biologically different and thus not interested in engineering. Biology has nothing to do with it as shown in the chart below.The fact is, another blow came in the form of more gender bias in the 1980s when personal computers (PCs) came to market and were exclusively marketed towards rich white boys, leaving girls and disadvantaged minorities behind (as discussed by Steve Henn on NPR).PCs were pitched it to parents as toys for boys. As a result, PCs were locked in boys’ rooms, away from their sisters. My dear mom, so full of contradictions, bought a PC for my brother but thankfully saw the sense of making the PC an accessible device to me as well, by setting it up on our rarely-used dining room table. Incidentally, I (not my brother) spent the most time on the damn thing, playing Tetris and learning command lines.So, James, women don’t avoid engineering because we’re too biologically different. Many aren’t interested because we’ve been discouraged from our interest at every turn.Imagine that despite all this — your parents discouraging you, your school discouraging you, your friends discouraging you — you still end up in tech, where your co-workers and boss treat you differently. Despite all this, James, you still excel. You go on to start your own company, which generates eight figures in revenue with no VC funding, and is declared one of the “fastest growing” in its field.Related: Google Says It Would Cost Too Much to Gather Wage Gap DataYou’ll find that your “shrug it off” method and perseverance has made you a success, so you decide to start another company. This time you decide to raise VC funds, but once again you’re up against biases that are so deeply ingrained that only 2 percent of women receive funding. Did you ever study sexual linguistics? I did, and I’m very aware how language impacts perceptions. Harvard Business Review did an amazing study for over a year, where they recorded venture capitalists’ discussions to understand the impact of words.In the early days of fundraising for my current venture, IOTAS, I heard “no” from over 60 VCs. I reflect what it’s like to raise venture funding as a woman and things are getting worse. For example, “In 2016, 5,839 male-founded companies got VC funding, compared to just 359 female-founded companies. In other words, companies run by men got more than 16 times more funding than companies run by women” – from Fortune’s “Venture Capital’s Funding Gender Gap Is Actually Getting Worse”.Being scrappy, I managed to go through the grueling, but less biased, process of grant funding from the National Science Foundation and National Institute of Standards & Technology. Most recently, IOTAS raised a series seed round with Oregon Angel Fund, Rogue Ventures and others totaling $2.25M. Even during this successful round, I was disturbed when a VC firm that primarily invests in minorities and women passed on our series seed round, because the valuation agreed to by our lead investor was considered too high. Too high!?! Do women and minority focused VCs immediately expect that the valuation of the companies that they want to support will be cheaper?It’s hard enough to get funding as a minority woman, but when the VCs who support you discount your value, then it’s not just hard — it’s nearly impossible. Regardless, we closed the round with excellent investors who valued our company and team and gave us the valuation we wanted.James, as to your scientific theories, is it possible that we’re both right that? There are biological differences between men and women, but there are even stronger social constructs that need to be challenged and thrown away.As you said yourself, “Many of these differences are small and there’s significant overlap between men and women, so you can’t say anything about an individual given these population level distributions.” The differences, as science points out, are so small that it should make no statistical difference as to why women aren’t in engineering. So, based on your own argument, it must be rooted in some other issues; possibly at historical and societal biases that led to women not being in engineering.Related: 3 Reasons Why Gender Equality is an ‘Everyone’ IssueShouldn’t humans strive to be more, to be better, than our base biology dictates? Do you want to be no more than an ape? As you see it, “Status is the primary metric that men are judged on” i.e. the need to be superior to other men is also seen in the base needs of our cousins, the apes. Is that where we want humanity to be — our base self? Isn’t Google trying to achieve something better? Isn’t Google striving for something more than what our biology, society and history hands us at birth?I have a little 8-year-old girl who, perhaps because no one told her she wasn’t supposed to, loves to code and loves her robotics class. Sadly, she is only one of two girls in her robotics class because parents still wrongly assume their girls won’t be interested in these things. But, how is an 8-year-old to know what interests them unless they try? That is why these programs to teach girls to code are important, so they can try. I see myself in both her and my little boy’s eyes.Like my mother, I am the sole bread-winner (and my husband also breaks gender expectations and is a proud, loving and wonderful stay-at-home dad.) Unlike my mother, I will not tell her what she shouldn’t be interested in, so she can strive to be more in every way. 9 min read Hear from business owners and CEOs who went through a crippling business problem and came out the other side bigger and stronger. September 5, 2017last_img read more

Kimptons 1st luxury property in Europe now open

first_img Share AMSTERDAM — May 22 was a momentous date for Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants: it marked the opening of Kimpton De Witt in Amsterdam, the company’s first luxury property in Europe.Set in the Palace Quarter neighbourhood, the highly anticipated hotel pays tribute to Amsterdam’s local heritage by marrying the old grandeur of the Dutch Golden Age with new buildings from the late 20th century. Offering 274 guestrooms including 15 signature rooms and suites, its most inventive feature is the three-storey ‘Little House’, which was once the childhood home of the famous Dutch playwright P.C. Hooft. Dating back to the 1600s, Little House now offers two king-sized rooms and a first floor living room and can be rented by groups in search of ultimate luxury.Other hotel features including a ‘living wall’ of florals and botanicals at the hotel entrance, custom-crafted desks in rooms, a flower shop, open-air courtyard, complimentary VanMoof bikes, a hosted ‘Social Hour’ each day starting at 5 p.m., art-filled meeting spaces that total 602 square metres, and award-winning bars and restaurants.More news:  CIE Tours launches first-ever River Cruise Collection“Amsterdam is in many ways a perfect fit for Kimpton’s first European hotel,” said Mike DeFrino, CEO of Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants. “The city is effortless in design, highly diverse, light-hearted and known to be a hotbed of creativity, all of which are pillars of the Kimpton brand. We’ll be bringing Kimpton to Paris next and have big plans for other cities across the continent.”Acquired by InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) in January 2015, the acclaimed U.S. hotel group was founded by Bill Kimpton following inspiration from his European travels as an investment banker. Kimpton De Witt is the first Kimpton hotel to open in Europe with a second hotel scheduled to open in Paris in 2020. There are currently over 60 Kimpton hotels and more than 70 restaurants across Europe and the Americas. This is IHG’s 20th hotel in The Netherlands and is an exciting addition to the 675 IHG hotels across Europe. Posted by Kimpton’s 1st luxury property in Europe now open << Previous PostNext Post >>center_img Tuesday, May 23, 2017 Tags: Britain & Europe, Kimpton, Luxury Travel, Netherlands Travelweek Group last_img read more