Mythbusters Build Team is getting their own Netflix show

first_imgMythbusters ending in 2015 was quite a heartbreaking moment, but even more so when the majority of its cast–Tory Belleci, Kari Byron, and Grant Imahara, the famous M7 Build Team–were let go the year prior. However, the team is set to make a comeback.Coming out of Dragon Con this past weekend was the announcement of a brand new show for the trio on Netflix. It’s called The White Rabbit Project, and was described by Netflix as a trip down a “rabbit hole” in order to investigate events in science, pop culture, and history, including things that exist in the deepest corners of the Internet. The company writes:Under their microscope are topics as diverse as jailbreaks, superpower technology, heists and crazy world war two weapons. In each episode the hosts immerse themselves in experiments, builds and tests as they sleuth the truth behind these and other well googled themes. So happy for my friends @KariByron @ToryBelleci & @grantimahara. White Rabbit looks amazing! Can’t wait to see it.— Adam Savage (@donttrythis) September 6, 2016This, plus the addition of Bill Nye’s new show, Bill Nye Saves The World, will continue Netflix’s recent streak of picking up educational and fun science shows with charismatic hosts. If Netflix had such thing as a “block,” like with traditional networks, this would make for a good one. The build team is coming back together! @ToryBelleci, @KariByron, @grantimahara on a @netflix original: #TheWhiteRabbitProject coming Dec 9!— Dragon Con (@DragonCon) September 3, 2016The panel announcement came along with a teaser clip that showed Belleci attached to a bunch of wires at Byron attempted to control his arm movements.Few other details are available besides the synopsis and a release date: Dec. 9.The ending of Mythbusters last year left a hole for many viewers. Not a difficult feat considering that the science show had been on the air since 2003, had become a staple for the Discovery channel, and had launched its cast into geek stardom. The Build Team, which had been paired with the Savages since season two, was let go by the network due to a number of factors including money.There’s already some hype among fans for the new show, including obvious Build Team superfan Adam Savage.last_img read more