How to Motivate Your Millennial Workforce

first_img 0 Email on February 5, 2016 The millennial generation is now fully immersed in the professional sector, and with a population of 80 million young adults in this categorical distinction, you likely have some millennials within your workforce. Some statistics report that millennials will make up half of the work force by 2020, so it’s essential that you understand how to motivate this subsector.Get Involved in the CommunityMillennials express interest in social good, and appealing to their philanthropic side can greatly improve work engagement. Commit time and resources to help your millennial workers get involved in community projects. Allow them to form teams to commit to a cause, give them time off to participate in the projects near and dear to their heart, and allow them the space to invest themselves in the things they care about. Happy, fulfilled employees are the most productive, and allowing them to explore their creative side will do wonders for company loyalty.Provide the Right AtmosphereMake sure your facilities are catered to their needs to improve productivity. If there’s one thing millennials appreciate when it comes to design and practicality, it’s modern appeal. Outfit your space with collaborative workspaces, go wireless (unsightly cords are doing nothing for your office vibe) and provide the materials your workers express a valid need for. Decorate your office with modern objects from a place like, install the right lighting fixtures, and do away with bulky furniture that take up too much space. Need another way to improve your office atmosphere? Consider incorporating outdoor elements into your office. Plants offer multiple health benefits, and you’d be following the example of modern startups—companies that are attracting a large number of millennials. Use a planting system like Urbio offers, with sleek lines that will impress visitors and employees alike.Encourage Upward MovementMillennials have the reputation of job jumping, so if you want to hook a great millennial worker and keep them, you’ll have to provide means of upward mobility within the company. This generation is less willing to wait years for a promotion; as such, it would be in your company’s best interest to offer “in-between” promotions and steps up. Even changes in title to something more prestigious can be enough incentive for a millennial employee to work harder, faster, and better. Offering growth through classes and seminars through that can improve your employees’ personal skill set will also help inspire them to become more productive, and an investment in a loyal employee is an investment in your company’s future.Increase FeedbackThis generation is one that appreciates feedback. Public acknowledgement, private applause, and communicative support will go a long way in improving millennial productivity. If they’ve done something right, commend them—it truly is as simple as that. If you want good work, you need to reward this generation, and a simple thank you can often suffice. Frequent communication and feedback will help them stay on track while making them feel valued. This open line of communication will also encourage them to come to you with questions for a more comprehensive workflow where everyone understands what is expected of them and can determine ways to streamline processes.Provide a Work Life BalanceMillennials are very interested in maintaining a work/life balance. They value flexibility, and the more you can offer that, the better work ethic you’ll get in return. For workers whose duties are largely completed on web-based systems, offer them the opportunity to work from home. In fact, the lack of flexibility has been cited as one of the main reasons millennials leave their jobs and pursue other opportunities. Also, do what you can to improve culture. Millennials will thrive in an environment that mentally and socially satisfies them.Getting millennials invested and involved in their jobs is easy as long as you know what motivates them. Through social consciousness, flexibility, the opportunity for movement, and feedback, you will see your employees’ productivity expand exponentially. Millennials want more than a paycheck from you; they want a chance to engage, to build, to become something more. Give them these opportunities and your company will reap the rewards. E-Headlines Twitter Pinterest Google+center_img LinkedIn How to Motivate Your Millennial Workforce Share. Facebook Tumblr By CBNlast_img read more