Get Smart With WaveShades TaptoPay Sunglasses

first_img On a mission to simplify shopping, Australian start-up Inamo last week tested a new contactless payment platform: sunglasses.The wearable, dubbed WaveShades, was handed out to St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival goers to make contactless purchases across five Aussie cities.A collaborative project between Visa, specs maker Local Supply, and Inamo, the accessory features a secure payment chip in one arm, allowing folks to buy food, drinks, and souvenirs with the tap of their glasses.Inamo secure payment chipWaveShades utilize the same technology developed for Inamo Curl—a waterproof wearable that attaches to most watch or fitness bands for tap-and-go payments. The new product is “a great endorsement” of the company’s platform, “which unshackles people from their phones or wallets,” start-up CEO Peter Colbert said in a statement.Lucky Laneway attendees in Adelaide, Brisbane, Fremantle, Melbourne, and Sydney last week snagged a free pair of shades, pre-loaded with $50, according to local news site The AU Review.Simply remove the sunglasses to wave them over a contactless payment reader—just as you would a bank card, mobile app, or smartwatch. Listen for the beep, then return the rims to your face to protect your eyes and look cool.“The financial services environment is evolving at an unprecedented pace, which is exemplified by consumers’ changing relationship with payments,” Frederique Covington, Visa’s senior vice president of marketing for Asia Pacific, said.This pilot, he continued, “is all about showing Australians that innovation in how we pay can make their lives simpler and everyday experiences seamless and rewarding.”Inamo partnered with Oberthur Technologies (OT) and Heritage Bank to help breath life into WaveShades, which are not yet available for general purchase. There is no word on when, or if, the wearable will hit shelves—in Oz or other countries.Despite Google’s failed Glasses experiment, high-tech specs are in this year: German optics manufacturer Carl Zeiss is reportedly developing a “light pair of augmented/mixed-reality glasses” in partnership with Apple. And Snapchat Spectacles launched in November, allowing users to make memories from their perspective. Stay on target $199 Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses Arrive in JanuaryStay Sharp in NASA-Certified Sunglasses last_img read more