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first_img United KingdomEurope – Central Asia News – Government information site Organisation LINKS: News RSF_en United KingdomEurope – Central Asia Help by sharing this information – ISP Association UK News News June 19, 2003 – Updated on January 20, 2016 United Kingdomcenter_img to go further RSF condemns BBC broadcast ban as example of Chinese government reprisal Follow the news on United Kingdom Safety of journalists remains active concern in Northern Ireland as BBC Panorama team is threatened March 23, 2021 Find out more The government pushed through measures to monitor the Internet in the wake of the 11 September attacks. The Terrorism Act passed in December 2001 extended the period of obligatory traffic log data retention by ISPs to at least a year. The home office (interior ministry) also said it would monitor online financial transactions and private e-mail messages. The new law said police no longer had to get prior court permission to act, but simply approval from the home secretary or a senior ministry official. This caused a big row and some ISPs said they might move their servers out of the country.In June 2002, home secretary David Blunkett proposed amending a controversial law passed in June 2000, the “RIP Act” (Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act), that allowed monitoring of all Internet activity by the secret services as a means to fight cybercrime. Blunkett now proposed to allow local authorities (tax and social security offices and municipal services, for example) to access details of people’s Internet activity, including e-mail they sent and received. This caused such uproar in the media and among civil liberties groups that the government dropped the measure two weeks later.The independent Information Commissioner, Elizabeth France (responsible for seeing that the government, official bodies and the secret services respected citizens’ rights to data privacy), savaged the proposal in an August 2002 report. She said data retention and the proposed amendment of the RIP Act would seriously undermine basic freedoms and reduce guarantees of privacy and that some aspects of the proposed law would be illegal. Solidarity with Swedish media outlet Realtid ahead of UK defamation case hearing February 12, 2021 Find out more – Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties Receive email alerts February 11, 2021 Find out morelast_img read more

It would be a great little city if we could put…

first_imgAwnings were very much part of the streetscape on O’Connell Street in Limerick City during the early Twentieth Century.From the concept of a ‘soft day’ to the cinematic soakings in Angela’s Ashes, it seems that Limerick is synonymous with rain. Spitting rain, driving rain, sideways rain, lashing rain – it’s all part of the local lexicon. But what if we were to put a roof over the city? Rian Mac Giobúin, creator and founder of Eireannachtharlear.com examines an idea that may not be as fanciful as it seems.IN 1999, when Miguel Fernandez Lores presented himself for local elections in Pontevedra, Spain, his proposal was simple – to make the city accessible to everyone, especially to the most vulnerable.Sign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up His philosophy was that owning a car didn’t give you the right to occupy the public space. Within a month of his election, he had pedestrianised all 300,000 square metres of the medieval centre. Since then, CO2 emissions are down by 70 per cent and nearly three-quarters of what were car journeys are now made on foot or by bicycle. There hasn’t been a road traffic fatality in almost ten years, and while other towns in the region have been shrinking, central Pontevedra has gained 12,000 new inhabitants and seen its local economy thrive.Pontevedra isn’t the only city trying to remove cars from its centre. Barcelona has been experimenting with the concept of “super blocks” since 1993 and in 2016 launched a new urban mobility plan which aims to reduce traffic in the city by 21 per cent and free up nearly 60 per cent of the space that is currently being used by cars, turning them into so-called “citizens’ spaces”.The strategy will see heavy vehicular traffic congestion taken out of the city centre, allowing the streets and public spaces to be used by people. Numerous cities, including London, Boston and New York are experimenting with car-free areas and Copenhagen, long-time darling of people friendly urban spaces, saw more bicycles than cars enter the city centre for the first time in 2016.The desire to remove cars from the city centre is also a theme which is central to the Limerick 2030 plan.Zeso Architects impression of O’Connell Street with roof coverIt states that there is a need “to put people before vehicles” and that the city centre transport strategy should seek to remove “as much extraneous car traffic from the city centre as possible”. The plan also seeks “to re-establish the city centre at the top of the shopping hierarchy…….by improving the range and quality of shopping on offer, in the context of a much improved experience of visiting the city centre as a whole”.It goes on to state that “this ambition can only be achieved by radically improving the shopping experience in the prime shopping area.”So how can this be achieved?In terms of the transport strategy, Limerick City and County Council has unveiled plans that will see €9 million spent on redeveloping the city centre. The LUCROC (Limerick Urban Centre Revitalisation of O’Connell Street) project aims to “improve the public realm, regenerate the urban fabric, reduce air pollution, and promote noise reduction”.While any attempt to improve the city centre is welcomed, many argue that the plans do not go far enough.#LiveableLimerick, a social movement led by former Secretary General at the Department of Finance John Moran, maintains that the plans submitted to date lack ambition, vision and sustainability and are a poor use of public finances.The group has proposed the introduction of a “super-block” concept to the city centre and has as its vision an area that gives priority to pedestrians, radically increases the number of green spaces and focuses on communities living, working, visiting and shopping in the city centre.To improve the range and quality of the shopping on offer, Limerick 2030 proposes a complete refurbishment of Cruises Street through a combination of renovation and redevelopment, allowing a wider range of retail outlets.The strategy includes a new square/plaza in the area around Arthur’s Quay and Cruises Street which would be ringed by shops, restaurants and cafés. It also proposes that the units on Cruises Street be reconfigured to create larger ground floor units as well as a complete renovation of the facades.The aim is to remove cars from the city centre where possible, increase footfall and improve the city centre’s retail offering. This makes sense given that both the Limerick City Development Plan 2010-2016 and Limerick 2030 identified the shopping malls located on the outskirts of the city as a key threat to the rejuvenation of the city centre.Shopping malls are attractive to shoppers as they offer free parking, often tend to be more accessible than city centres, and contain a range of leisure facilities to keep consumers there longer, including cafes, bowling alleys and cinemas.Perhaps most importantly however, indoor shopping malls are not affected by bad weather.Limerick city is one of the most westerly cities in Europe and many parts of the West of Ireland can receive up to 225 days of rain a year. While pedestrianisation of the city centre should be welcomed, Irish cities need to be developed in a way that addresses the realities of the Irish climate.One way that can done is by covering some streets to provide shelter for shoppers.Covered walkways and thoroughfares could be designed to link the city’s parking, rail stations, bicycle stations and bus stops with the city’s main shopping districts and public buildings.Limerick wouldn’t be the first city to cover its streets.Milan has the stunning Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, while Madrid, Malaga, Seville and Nicosia have all covered streets to protect from the sun. In Bologna, it’s possible to walk in the shade of colonnades and in Toronto a new waterfront development will use real time weather data to determine how to optimize indoor and outdoor spaces.Japan has introduced covered streets and footpaths in a number of its cities including Kyoto, Osaka and Atami, while in London the Borough, Leandenhall and Covent Garden markets have all been covered, as has Burlington Arcade off Piccadilly.In fact, Limerick already has a precedent for this.In 2010 the redeveloped Milk Market was opened as an all-weather, all year round market space. It has been a massive success and a fantastic addition to the city and should be used as an example for what can be done in other parts of the city.Limerick could start with key pedestrian arteries through the city, possibly trialling smaller streets to start with so as to gauge public opinion and to manage costs. Retractable canopies could be used which could be opened back during the summer or dry days.Some streets could be fully covered, some only partially. They could be covered with artistic installations similar to what has been done in Agueda in Portugal, others with iconic architectural designs. The Limerick School of Art and Design and the public could be involved in designing and voting on designs, thereby engaging those who live in the city.#LiveableLimerick was right to call out the city’s original plans as lacking vision. While Limerick City and County Council should be applauded for making real efforts to rejuvenate the city centre, it’s time for Limerick to really step up.Covering our streets would make the city a nicer, more attractive place for people to spend time, provide a practical solution to the weather and really put Limerick on the map.So, what would it look like?Eireannachtharlear.com has been collaborating with Copenhagen-based Zeso Architects, to produce a number of alternative visions for Limerick city centre. The hope is that these will act as inspiration to the decision makers in City Hall and start a conversation about how to really put Limerick on the map.O’Connell StreetO’Connell Street is the main artery of the city and, whichever plan is eventually decided upon, it is vital that Limerick City and County Council get it right. LUCROC and #LiveableLimerick have both put forward proposals and each of them is compatible with covered streets or covered sidewalks. A really simple, practical and sleek design would be to utilise the already existing wide pavements and install awnings on either side of the street. Awnings have been used on O’Connell Street for over a hundred years and would provide shelter to passers-by and a stunning visual impact for Limerick’s main boulevard.Bedford RowOne idea for Bedford Row could be a series of umbrella type structures that would provide shelter to residents, shoppers, tourists and those working in the city on a day to day basis. The structures would provide pedestrian respite and opportunities for rest and reflection and the space could be used to host street markets, community events such as #LiveableLimerick’s street fest or even just a space to sit under while you eat your lunch, read a book or chat with some friends.Todd’s BowThe smaller streets and lanes around Limerick (for example Little William Street, Todd’s Bow, Fox’s Bow and Little Catherine Street) are where we could really get creative. Any number of materials (stained glass, wood, metal, tensile, etc.) or concepts (wooden beams, umbrellas, doors, chairs, hurleys, rugby balls, whatever) could be used. Design ideas could be submitted by the public on the smaller streets and votes cast to find the public’s favourite design. Artistic installations would act as a tourist attraction in and of themselves and really put Limerick on the map as a destination to visit.Cruises StreetCruises Street could be covered in its entirety. This would achieve Limerick 2030’s aim of rejuvenating a section of the city which it has identified as the prime shopping area. It would also fit in beautifully with the new Opera Centre development, dramatically improve the shopping experience, and perhaps most importantly provide Limerick with a truly unique selling point. Covering Cruises Street would create a fabulous atmosphere on the street and allow restaurants and cafes to open out onto the street. Not only would the city have a new shopping centre-type experience that could compete with the malls on the outskirts of the city, Cruises Street under cover could offer an alfresco dining experience the envy of every city in Ireland. Shannon Airport braced for a devastating blow Advertisement RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Print TAGSCommunitydevelopmentEireannachtharlear.comLimerick CityNewsRian Mac Giobúin Twitter Previous articleAnnual Mid-West Bridal Exhibition at UL Arena set to be biggest yetNext articleLowe receives two week ban after Munster red card Editor Limerick on Covid watch list NewsCommunityIt would be a great little city if we could put a roof on itBy Editor – January 3, 2019 2764 center_img Linkedin WhatsApp Thefts of catalytic converters on the rise #crimeprevention Housing 37 Compulsory Purchase Orders issued as council takes action on derelict sites Email Local backlash over Aer Lingus threat Facebook Population of Mid West region increased by more than 3,000 in past yearlast_img read more

A Year of Roaring Success: Dell EMC Partners of the Year

first_imgDuring the Dell EMC Global Partner Summit (GPS) general session, Joyce Mullen shared that our Partners did some truly amazing things in 2017. In fact, she called the year a ROARing success! And, with “the force and speed of a stampede,” our partner community continues to strengthen.Many partners have worked to grow their businesses within the Dell EMC Partner Program, and have seized the opportunities to deliver transformational solutions—Digital, Workforce, Security, IT—that enable their customers to compete today and into tomorrow.Together, Dell EMC and our Partners are unstoppable … The celebration of success kicked off during the GPS general session—with recognition of our President’s Circle winners, each of whom will send one lucky executive to Scotland!Throughout the last two days, Joyce Mullen, Jay Snyder and Bryan Jones have recognized some of those Partners who continue to grow with Dell EMC—as well as across Dell Technologies. Those Partners come from organizations across our Dell EMC Partner ecosystem—including from across several important categories, including growth in various lines of business.Congratulations to each of our Dell EMC Partners of the Year: WorldwideGlobal Alliances Growth Partner of the Year – UnisysGlobal Alliances Technical Excellence Partner of the Year – FNTSGlobal Alliances Marketing Partner of the Year – UnisysGlobal Alliances Solution Center Partner of the Year – EYGlobal Alliances Rising Star – D4T4Extraordinary Federal Partner of the Year – Sterling Computers CorporationFederal Data Center Partner of the Year – Iron Bow TechnologiesOEM Channel Partner of the Year – CCIntegrationDell EMC Distributor of the Year – Ingram MicroNorth AmericaEXTRAORDINARY Partner of the Year – AHEADRegional Distributor of the Year – Ingram MicroGo Big-Win Big New Business – CDWGo Big-Win Big Services – World Wide Technology, Inc.Go Big-Win Big Growth – Arlington Computer ProductsServices Delivery Partner of the Year – AdvizeXStorage Partner of the Year – RTP TechnologyServer Partner of the Year – InsightClient Solutions Partner of the Year – CDW & CDW CanadaDell Technologies Partner of the Year – Data BlueShining Star – Northern Micro, a Converge CompanyMarketing Excellence – RoundTower TechnologiesLATAMEXTRAORDINARY Partner of the Year – UNITECHRegional Distributor of the Year – Ingram Micro Latin AmericaGo Big-Win Big New Business – HARDLINK INFORMATICA E SISTEMAS LTDAGo Big-Win Big Services – SYSTECH SISTEMAS E TECNOLOGIA EM INFORMATICA LTDAGo Big-Win Big Growth – LTA RH INFORMÁTICAServices Delivery Partner of the Year – UNITECHStorage Partner of the Year – UNITECHServer Partner of the Year – LTA RH INFORMÁTICAClient Solutions Partner of the Year – SYSTECH SISTEMAS E TECNOLOGIA EM INFORMATICA LTDADell Technologies Partner of the Year – GREEN SERVICES AND SOLUTIONSShining Star – JAR ELECTRÓNICA APLICADAMarketing Excellence – BUSINESS CONEXION MÉXICO, S.A. DE C.V.APJEXTRAORDINARY Partner of the Year – NCS Pte LtdRegional Distributor of the Year – Redington IndiaGo Big-Win Big New Business – Fuji XeroxGo Big-Win Big Services – Data SolutionGo Big-Win Big Growth – UNIADEXServices Delivery Partner of the Year – Dimension Data AustraliaStorage Partner of the Year – NCS Pte LtdServer Partner of the Year – Itochu Techno-Solutions CorporationClient Solutions Partner of the Year – Integrated Computer Systems, Inc.Dell Technologies Partner of the Year – Ascentech K.K.Shining Star – PT. Smartindo Integrasi SystemMarketing Excellence – Ingram Micro AustraliaEMEAEXTRAORDINARY Partner of the Year – ComputacenterRegional Distributor of the Year – MerlionGo Big-Win Big New Business – Areus Zrt.Go Big-Win Big Services – MDSGo Big-Win Big Growth – SwisscomServices Delivery Partner of the Year – DiyarStorage Partner of the Year – WWTServer Partner of the Year – OasisClient Solutions Partner of the Year – Bechtle AGDell Technologies Partner of the Year – SCC FranceShining Star – TechDataMarketing Excellence – AteaGreater ChinaExtraordinary Partner of the Year – Beijing UCBJ Technology Co., Ltd.Extraordinary Partner of the Year – Ecdata Information Technology Co., LtdRegional Distributor of the Year – Beijing Founder Century Information System Co., Ltd.Regional Distributor of the Year – Nanjing BeiZhuo Network System Engineering Co., Ltd.Regional Distributor of the Year – Digital China Group Co., Ltd.Go Big-Win Big New Business – Beijing Bright Prospect Science & Technology Co., Ltd.Go Big-Win Big New Business – United Electronics Co., Ltd.Go Big-Win Big Services – Shanghai Zhongjun Electronic Technology Development Co., Ltd.Go Big-Win Big Services – Nikoyo (HK) LimitedGo Big-Win Big Growth – Beijing Uniwise Technology Co., Ltd.Go Big-Win Big Growth – Digital China Advanced Systems LimitedServices Delivery Partner of the Year – Beyondwinet CorporationStorage Partner of the Year – Xiamen Bianyuan Information Technology Co., Ltd.Storage Partner of the Year – Shandong Sente Information Technology Co., LtdServer Partner of the Year – Jinan Ruichen Zhongke Technology Co., Ltd.Client Solutions Partner of the Year – Shenzhen Genius Technology Co., Ltd.Dell Technologies Partner of the Year – Shanghai Trenging Information Technology Co., LtdDell Technologies Partner of the Year – Shanghai Yuzhou Information Technology Co., Ltd.Shining Star – Beijing Benefits Thai Electronics Group Co., LtdShining Star – Chengdu Sobey Digital Technology Co., Ltd.Marketing Excellence – Shanghai KAIYUE Supply chain Management Co., LtdMarketing Excellence – Changhong IT Information Products CO., LtdPartner Services Quality Awards  The Partner Services Quality Award recognizes partners for their outstanding delivery performance based on feedback provided by our many valued customers, demonstrating their focus on customer success.LATAM     Diseño (Mexico)North America  Sirius Computer SolutionsAdvizeX TechnologiesFocus Technology SolutionsPresidioAlexander Open Systems North AmericaUDI (Unique Digital Inc) North AmericaEMEA        Areus Infocommunication (Hungary)Ngn Bilgi Ve Iletisim Hizmetleri (Turkey)Brinova-Systemhaus (Germany)Anadat Consulting (Spain)MTI GermanyMTI FranceAPJIQ3 (AustraliaJoyou Data (China)Zungwon (Korea)Itochu Techno Solutions (Japan)Data#3 (Australia)Broadband Tower (Japan)Congratulations to each of the Dell EMC Partner of the Year award winners! Thank you for your extraordinary efforts and deep commitment to the Dell EMC Partner Program. As an organization, we look forward to what this next year will bring.Together, we are loud. Proud. Fierce. And strong!last_img read more

Marc Overmars keen on Arsenal return in sporting director role after Monchi move breaks down

first_imgAdvertisement Comment Marc Overmars keen on Arsenal return in sporting director role after Monchi move breaks down Marc Overmars is keen on a move to Arsenal (Getty Images)Marc Overmars is keen to leave his Director of Football role with Ajax to become Arsenal’s technical director, according to Football.London.The Dutchman is one of a number of options that the club has reportedly been considering to replace Sven Mislintat who departed last month but it was believed that their top target was ex-Roma chief Monchi.However, Monchi, who left Roma last week, appears to have shunned Arsenal’s interest in favour of a return to Sevilla where he spent 17 successful years before leaving for Roma in 2017.With Monchi out of the running, Arsenal’s Head of football at the Emirates, Raul Sanllehi has been forced to turn his attentions elsewhere and with Overmars keen on returning to the club he represented for three years as a player, he could become the prime candidate.ADVERTISEMENT Ajax stunned Real Madrid by beating them 4-1 at the Bernabeu (Getty Images)According to Football.London’s report, Ajax officials are aware of Overmars’ interest in the role but are prepared to play hard-ball in order to keep him until the end of the season at least and potentially beyond the summer.AdvertisementAdvertisementMore: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man CityOvermars has been Ajax’s Director of Football since 2012 and he has impressed during his time in charge, overseeing the signings of a host of talented young players and selling them on to bigger clubs for a profit.Since Overmars was appointed, Ajax have sold the likes of Jan Vertonghen, Christian Eriksen, Davinson Sanchez and Davy Klaasen to Premier League clubs for huge fees, while current star Frenkie De Jong is set to join Barcelona for £65m.Ajax’s eye-catching success in the Champions League is also testament to their success in the transfer market as they beat Real Madrid 5-3 on aggregate to reach the Champions League quarter-finals where they will face Juventus.More: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing Arsenal Metro Sport ReporterSaturday 16 Mar 2019 5:42 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link47Shares Advertisementlast_img read more