How to quickly catch the writing points of original articles

Xiaobian believe a lot of friends in the website optimization, the daily work is essential to update the article, how to write effective articles, helpful to users of the article is to let a lot of friends feel headache. Some of the industry is not too familiar with friends often put all sorts of things together a bunch of articles, and the original article is to let people feel very difficult to write, so how to quickly write original articles, the following small for everyone to analyze from several aspects. read more

Breakdown webmaster do station should avoid five taboo minefield

said that although we do stand webmaster more and more, do stand is no longer has the specialized technical expertise of IT talent patent, more grassroots webmaster to do stand as entrepreneurial ways to join the queue, but we can not ignore the complexity of the current Chinese Internet environment, in order to the current through the Internet Chinese station do succeed, we must have a clear understanding of the current "rules of the game", so as to do stand in the process to make policy may lead to the failure of objectivity, dangerous station understand, to prevent the occurrence of unnecessary casualties". read more

Are you working on content or editing

In fact,

content editing basically is what we call the new media operation, and now the vast majority of college students or transfer operation buddy, the first contact work basically is the new media editor.

new media editing work basically is the content of the authorization, reprint, editing, the push and so on some basic work, and some platforms may require editing need writing thick, because some of you need to create the platform personally, this is a requirement of the platform editing is relatively high. read more

From an article published in Webmaster nets and behind the times……


noon, issued an article: hundreds of members of the site a monthly income of nearly million ( in fact, in the hair before I have hesitated: certainly condemning. Because I had sent a few of these, I have been a lot of abuse, but there are indeed a few brothers and I said, according to my written carefully considered, the station is indeed better than to think.

I still want to go on. Adhere to the central idea is only one: never lack of technology, the lack of operational determination and open thinking. read more

Make a quality website

recently used to see ADMIN5 above some articles, although much above the ADMIN5 part is some webmaster hair soft, but also have a lot of good article, worth us to learn from their strengths.


recently saw such types of articles a month to create thousands of IP "or" a new web site for much of the flow and so on, I don’t know how many of these IP is useful IP really, how many IP are what we really needed to IP. As a webmaster in Baidu Post Bar inside the post drainage, and he posts inside it is precisely what the users need, then users click to enter the site, but found that this is a forum, but also need to register, so they began to register, to return information to get what they want what, if set the reply can see can imagine a day can register many people, but you can find them back in their registration are all out of order some letters, their Reply may be a few simple expressions, or some meaningless letters, how can these people registered significant? They usually get what they want, they completely forget this forum for you, and you just a little more, a little more garbage forum. If you need to register, if you only need to see a hot forum if you own a complete registration machine can be registered and then use the machine to reply, so you can have thousands of numbers to satisfy their vanity! read more

08 which kinds of websites attract VC best

08 years VC optimistic about what kind of website, recently from investors to find some projects and look at the needs of the project to see, after observation, I think 08 years VC money in the following industry will throw more:

1, Internet commerce application website.

Including the

industry B2B site, C2C site, a special B2C site, B2B is concerned mainly because of Ali listed comrades led the rise of this website, especially the application of Internet business, used in trade and manufacturing, will become a bright spot. C2C, thanks to the blog Web2.0 technology allows the majority of users have a strong sense of independence, while Taobao’s website makes you have online business awareness, so all kinds of C2C websites resurgence, has become an inevitable trend. B2C, tell the truth, for business and network enterprises in traditional industries have to rely on the line of the transformation is a very promising, but for most people do IT do B2C enterprise, I is not optimistic, such as peak force health mall site that, although very popular, but I am not optimistic, because BtoC is becoming more and more popular, even each production enterprises have to open their own BtoC mall. read more

Cash flow WeChat would use the electricity supplier still look beautiful

not long ago all media quietly accidentally exposed WeChat 5 new version, which in addition to the public account of the rule changes, the most important is the electricity supplier in terms of action, one is through the sweep into shopping, two is quietly launched the WeChat payment".

wrote a letter to sing decline O2O article, in fact now can not see the promotion of two-dimensional code card, O2O to do so "heavy" things too hard, WeChat direct attention to relatively easy games and B2C. read more

6 secret skills that community operations have to know

community marketing is a very fierce big proposition, this article from my experience base for some bright spots of the community to put everyone at operation skills.

have these skills, then you do some experience before, can let you play before reborn.

is a qualified game player will able to build group community, group operation, the group disbanded, from birth to death, this architecture serves you to achieve constructive goals, the various aspects of process planning and supporting the establishment of a plan. read more

Do quality goods station is the only way out of the webmaster

is a new webmaster only a short while ago, the noun, but now it has gradually become an industry, has experienced thirteen years of groundless talk, to become famous and has become famous, wanted to be famous to become famous, indeed the webmaster is a hard industry, is also an exciting industry, everyone in a year or for overnight fame! But after fame is not very big, not a lot of people, then see who can become famous in what way


A5 throughout the mix you stand, stand little boutique station has a lot of mediocrity, many webmaster, even some webmaster have hundreds and hundreds of stations, and do not say that hundreds of maintenance will cost you most of the energy, this single station hundreds of profit but also a link money, perhaps this is the so-called standing group of Raiders, but I think this is the biggest obstacle to the progress of the industry China webmaster! read more

How can enterprises use micro-blog marketing promotion

micro-blog now become popular, become the mainstream of fashion, as a diffusion type popular network as ever blog, it was also optimistic about the enterprise, at present micro-blog is still in the trial stage, enterprise through micro-blog how to achieve promotion effect, gradually step into the winter with the blog, micro blog for fast track, can be released through the mobile phone platform communicate more easily by fashion whenever and wherever possible, family sought. Therefore, the trend of enterprises to participate in micro blog, should be respected. read more