Explore website security in depth

a few days ago, Baidu webmaster published an article entitled: "web site by black injection betting porn page guide.". Personally, I think, as a webmaster, network security is particularly important, once the site has been hacked, for a technical SEO practitioners, is a very difficult thing. So how do we protect websites from hackers,


1: website password security

1.1 weak passwords, many owners in order to facilitate memory (or lazy O (a _ U) O). Likes to set passwords to 123456 or Admin888, such as relatively easy to guess the password. Even a lot of people like to set their username and password to admin, a site that can easily be hacked. These passwords include web site login, FTP, database password and so on. read more

Discussion on user login interface optimization of mobile terminal

is now on the market of mobile Internet applications basically require the user login operation can use the service and function more, so the mobile client login interface plays an important role in the visitors into the target customers. Then, the mobile end user login interface what more attract the user’s attention? In the end we tend to PC page flow through the statistical tools of some website tracking to determine the rate of the page out, in the mobile terminal, the following aspects are friendly user login interface needs to have the. read more

How to make your website included by Baidu

understand Google, Baidu included web site page habits, improve your site is search engine included probability

how to make your site be included in Baidu you want to know how to be included in Baidu? First you can look at the following, look at your site meets the requirements included Baidu, if Baidu robot love your website will include you, if there is no place to seize the time to correct: Baidu compass webmaster: how to make your site is Baidu included effectively to each page with the text and related topics. If it is the front page of the website, the title suggests using the name of the site or the name of the company / organization on which the site is represented; the remaining content pages are subject to refinement and generalization of the text. This allows your potential user to quickly access your page. read more

How does content maintain user relations, content ask a website to gain profit

[editor’s note] this article is adapted from Sina Technology, with author Wu Wei and Tony mae.

what is a content question and answer website? That is, the web site is primarily for the purpose of getting useful answers and solving your own problems (or helping people who need answers). Although there is no mature profit model, but this type of Q & a website entrepreneurs enthusiasm unabated. Foreign Quora, domestic knowledge and K2, including the original author of the "enterprise Q & a" emerge in an endless stream. This type of website can neither see ads nor see commercial marks on the scale, then how do they profit? read more

From the farmer to the stationmaster the things ‘ve been through

I was born in a peasant family, parents are illiterate, a village of literacy is not much, here is very poor, a school is only halfway up the broken houses, only one school teacher, heard that his grandfather used to be a tree. I read in the hillside to grade 5, the annual tuition fee is parents kept for a year if the egg, egg is not enough, the parents just killed the pig, in particular pay or meat I do not remember, the only impression is every time to pay tuition for parents and teachers have become. Poor. read more

Cao Cao how does the group buying website operate

              one, the website is professional enough, product information is rich enough.

when a group purchase website can put on the market when the group purchase website brand friends, even a small nail can be smoothly found when customers buy building materials, the first to go to the mall building is certainly not, group purchase network. He doesn’t have to buy it, but he’s sure to come and see all the information. At the same time, the Internet has many potential customers, suppliers will certainly not miss this opportunity, every day on the website of product maintenance and speculation, forming a virtuous circle. With customers, to attract businesses; with businesses for product maintenance, web content is more rich, will attract more customers. At this time, the site will be very lively, professional content is also rich enough. read more

How the website moves, Robin Li has already thought for you

mobile Internet is the trend, this point of view to this time this day, I believe we all doubt. Because the popularity of Android systems, the cost of buying a smart phone is getting lower and lower, and even cheaper to spend about 200-300 yuan, you can buy a Android mobile phone. Or do a telecom or mobile broadband service to send you a good Android phone.

mobile Internet has become mainstream trend

feels that after some time, the market may not have ordinary mobile phone to sell, Android smartphone is the lowest configuration. With the popularity of smartphones such as Android, that is, a small tablet PC for people, more and more people will be accustomed to using mobile phones. read more

How to quickly catch the writing points of original articles

Xiaobian believe a lot of friends in the website optimization, the daily work is essential to update the article, how to write effective articles, helpful to users of the article is to let a lot of friends feel headache. Some of the industry is not too familiar with friends often put all sorts of things together a bunch of articles, and the original article is to let people feel very difficult to write, so how to quickly write original articles, the following small for everyone to analyze from several aspects. read more

Breakdown webmaster do station should avoid five taboo minefield

said that although we do stand webmaster more and more, do stand is no longer has the specialized technical expertise of IT talent patent, more grassroots webmaster to do stand as entrepreneurial ways to join the queue, but we can not ignore the complexity of the current Chinese Internet environment, in order to the current through the Internet Chinese station do succeed, we must have a clear understanding of the current "rules of the game", so as to do stand in the process to make policy may lead to the failure of objectivity, dangerous station understand, to prevent the occurrence of unnecessary casualties". read more

Are you working on content or editing

In fact,

content editing basically is what we call the new media operation, and now the vast majority of college students or transfer operation buddy, the first contact work basically is the new media editor.

new media editing work basically is the content of the authorization, reprint, editing, the push and so on some basic work, and some platforms may require editing need writing thick, because some of you need to create the platform personally, this is a requirement of the platform editing is relatively high. read more